Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ho-Ho-Ho... Who You Calling A Ho??

MOI??? Yeah well ok, if you must... This is me right about now. We are 7 days and counting and I have bunches up my sleeve that I am ignoring. Ostrich method, displays my expanding and smoking ass... So umm yeah that whole silence bit and the blogger ate part of my post where I linked to Homey the Clown has gone on too, thank god it looks like the blogger bit will be changing as the first of the year should see me this url out on it's own. Long and short though, it all took it out of me. As did the stuffy nose that showed up just in time for me to go for Holiday weekend to Normandy and teh confirmation that my post will indeed be changing divisions and location... are you kidding me. Stability why does thou forsaketh me. Is it because I speaketh to you in yee old English?? Well this is what I sayeth to you with alleth mee sarcasm: Yeah life... I LOVE YOU. Anyways here is where the holiday knitting is at. Clapotis has 2-3 more stitches to be dropped before the I can call an end to the straight rows section and start that decreasing bit. Seconding Polly I can say you knit faster when you run out of yarn. And the socks have run out of yarn at the toe shaping part. Dontcha know it. What do you think Mama Mao would think about toe-less socks. I mean we have finger-less mitts... It could be the newest and bestest trend evah!! Ok so I think both my mother and I will have as much excitement behind that as I do for the holidays right now. Back to the Bon Marche once I am out of yarn, and probably when Clapotis is done. Now for Salina since I have gone all static silence on you about it... it seems all 19!!! (I think that was a record and totally made me feel loved. So lots of hugs to all of you!!!) of you have an opinion. Now what I didnt say, is that as long as I like the yarn- I will probably be using it again, to make Elfin (once I work up the courage). So we can take two contestants. Most of the world thought Herb should be the color of choice (with the double tallying- Herb got 12, Rage 5, Crush 3 and Sigh 2). I currently have Rage in hand and think Rage would make a better Salina than Elfin... Anyone care to chime in?? I have to go knit on the Clapotis.... and block a baby sweater that should have been in the mail EONS ago. Oh yeah and go the one of my 3 work Christmas parties. Ho freaking ho indeed... sorry but the holiday spirt (different from the materialistic one) just hasn't quite hit me yet.


Blogger The Blog "QUEEN!!" said...

Thanks so much for your comment moran. I looked at your blog and wrote a nice long review of it and you!!!! thanks for stopping by god bless!!!!!!!!!

3:16 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Cute South Park character. You are ready for Elfin, silly.

6:16 PM  

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