Friday, November 18, 2005


I would like to make it clear that I have absolutely no restraint (especially not now that I know I will have a slight pay increase coming my way). I also have no good sense. And most importantly I have no space. These are all important points that are lost or illustrated in the following story. While I was on an “in town vacation,” weekend, the TBM took a hold of me and gave me one hell of a shake down. I was weak. I was worse actually. I was weak, irresponsible, without a plan and indecisive. Just the combo needed when facing yarn and home furnishing sales. I should make lists and send someone else to do my shopping. Really I should. Then I wouldn’t be thinking to myself. “I better find me a Chinese roommate to justify this 10 portion rice cooker I brought home.” And that is before we get to the yarn. What is it… put something on sale and that one Sephardic Jewish gene my mother has, that I fear she passed on to me, goes into HIGH ACTION!! And that “I normally don’t have any interest in stashing yarn” instinct evaporates. The sad part is that I staked out the TBM last week. I knew which yarns they had on sale, at what price, and what I was interested in. I tried to put a bit of thought into it all. I knew there was Anny Blatt Super Angora, Bouton D’Or Ksar, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, Rowan’s Felted Tweed, and of course Kid Silk Crack ALL ON SALE. I didn’t make a budget, but I did have a few ideas and basic parameters. Get enough Kid Silk Crack to top off what you have at the flat to make yourself Paisely from Rowan's "A Seasons Tale." Get thee the camel you can't stop petting. Don’t forget to get a sack of the Baby Cashmerino- not for Babies but for you. And get Angora to make a special person a scarf. ACTION PLAN. I got to the Bon Marché with a plan. I abandoned it as soon as I entered the store. I can't begin to describe the type overwhelm that waves over me when I enter there during the TBM. Think the Bermuda Triangle, but with yarn instead of water. The TBM really are better than the sales and they are what knitters really wait for, at least here in Paris. I normally would not go bezerk over the TBM as I either had a limited budget, I had fewer ideas or I was focused. But really my life it is that ADD joke. How many ADD kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? Wanna ride bikes??? I have knitters ADD. I have been knitting and I have been unable to be faithful. Granted both projects were for Helen but still… I switch from one to the other faster than Tarzan on a mood swing elevator. I am paying no attention to finishing out the rest of the smaller projects on my platter, and everything is in disarray. Given the yarn I ordered at the TBM and yarn I will be buying off a very lovely Londoner… I best get the disarray taken care of, otherwise me and my 190 sq ft… we are going to be tripping over yarn, jeans that stand on their own, dishes, and books. Every 5 seconds. I’ll admit I haven’t got lots of photos to show for my haul, and I only spent a bit over 100 euros so... it isn’t THAT much in light of damage some knitters can wreak. But the yarn stash, it must now be organized. It will no longer fit into one Bon Marché bag. We are light on pictures because not all of my yarn was available, so I have a good chunk on order. But here is the break down. I stayed somewhat fidele to my original plan, but there is a bit of regret at the end… I bought Super Angora to make into a gift scarf like the one I made myself with last years TBM Angora. I wanted to get another color but I wasn’t up to another wait and order deal. I think the other color would have been more the receipient's style, but this one should go with her colouring. If I don’t like it in a week or two (as I should wait to get started cause, there are other things on the list people!!) they may have the other colour back in by then. I got my three balls of Liquer Kid Silk Crack on order. I now have enough yarn (once I exchange the colours- Marie is GREAT like that) to make Paisely. And that might be the next me sweater once all the finishing is finished. We’ll see. But one day I will be wearing that sweater. Anyways after that I bought the Phildar Tendences Spring 2005. No not just yarn- I got patterns too. I saw the new Collections Hiver and Tendences Hiver; nothing to cry home about in my opinion. Those who want one can let me know and I can trade but for now it doesn’t join this burgeoning knitter's library. Why did I get the Tendance Spring, when I wasn’t blazing a path down to my Phildar during spring? Well cause of my next purchase. I got a pack of B-Limey Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I haven’t decided if it will stay this colour (it is on order) or what it will become. I just know I love that yarn. My b-limey socks have been on my feet practically nonstop and I am in love. I may use it to make a project from Phildar Tendances Printemps. We’ll see... not like I dont have other things to finish up first or anything. It is at this point that I broke rank. I have liked Salina since I first saw Vintage Style. As a matter of fact she is one of the few sweaters I would see making in that book for me. I fully admit: I have no ability to determine what patterns will and won't look good on me before trying them on. So most knitting is done via blind faith. But I figured Salina might look good on me. And I plan on asking a Goddess or two their opinion on if I should make any adjustments or not. Even better the yarn was dirt cheap, 41 Euros cheap. How could I pass that up?? Sure it wasn’t on my list but for that price I got the yarn and pattern (not the pattern book but the pattern- which when you don't want the pattern book... ROCKS). Come on... How many times can you make a Rowan sweater for under 45 Euros?? NOT BAD choice in my opinion. When I will start this one your guess is as good as mine. But look for an upcoming post on this sweater. Wherein I will ask for the assistance of people who are allowed to dress themselves. And my last bit. It isn’t a purchase but a regret. I really, really, really wanted to get me enough Ksar to make a sweater. I have a ball here in the colourway Crepescule and I am in LOVE with the colour and it is soft with a lovely halo. This yarn speaks to me. And it was 6.8 euros a ball. But it couldn’t quite tell me what it wanted to be. At first I thought I would substitute the yarn for Freida, but it was not the siren call I anticipated. Plus I figured in the darker purple of the color the cables might get lost. I debated about making Debbie Bliss’ bolero from Simply Soft, but the magnet was not exerting enough gravitational force and I didn’t feel like adjusting numbers. I am sure I would have found a pattern for it but I already have enough yarn for 4 projects that need to be knit up and that isn’t including anything to finish and the smaller projects. And I have already done enough damage to my pocketbook. While I know I made the right decision (they didn’t have the colourway in anyways) I still wish I could have brought the yarn home. I hope that either the next TBM or next year's winter TBM they put it back on sale. Cause then… I will be buying it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I figure you are breathing and sitting up enough to write this funny blog entry - you must! be okay then, after your expedition. Tink, that's okay to treat yourself once in awhile - it's not like we read every other post that you did this.
That abandoning of plans (when walking thr the door...) sounds familiar... Terry in SF

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Silvia said...

Yeah! That's some fun shopping. Don't feel bad if you still have enough money for food and rent...

5:12 PM  

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