Monday, November 14, 2005


Doesn't that title just GRAB your attention?? I knew it did. And now that I have your undivided attetnion before you clik the little red X box in you right hand corner lookie HERE. I want to be cool. I have had my little Bravenet map over there in the corner, but Kerstin, Kay, Rachel and all the other very cool kids have this new gadget. So I went and got me one too… go on sign it, make me feel loved. And if you want to know all the low down…Kay has it all set out for you, so no excuses! After a holiday (Armistice Day) weekend vacation through the Loire, one does not remember to put the bright crayons back into the coloring box for Monday morning. I have about 4 posts in the line up that I hope will be up by the next time I make such an interesting headline for my post and call it Monday Again (Helen’s Sweater, Clapotis, the Loire weekend where I thought of Norma as I drove through Rambouillet, and one other that I can’t remember but know I should write- WAIT… Oh, Oh I remember the TBM and a post where I try to see if I can get some feedback about a sweater). DOG I hope once I transition jobs that life will slow down just a little bit. So that the one braincell won’t say to the other last braincell “Hey each man for himself- I think my chances look better making a run for the ear canal and taking a leap of faith. Flee for it man, she ain’t that tall!” At least that is what they say to each other when the list of 25 items to do from last Thursday gets another 5 added to it on Monday and I leave the post at the end of Tuesday. And my first day in the new post is started with a Network (i.e. big deal, and all day deal) meeting at 9am (an hour in which Tink very often utters in the out-loud voice FUCK). Tink’s response is to see stars spinning round the head alla Daffy Duck, start twitching at 6:30 pm on Monday, say fuck it and go see the movie Manderlay. And this is what happens when you put up the political posts- static ;) Well for those interested in the political stuff there are two recent happenings. First, you can find a very well said and timed article in NYT that gives a bit of the feelings and the problems in the approach of French citizenship. And Chirac has gone and extended the curfew law by 3 months, I guess that is better than Sarkozy threatening to deport the arrestees, who again are mostly French citizens, if you are born here you are French. Child of immigrants label is an irrelevant, so stop saying it on national television. Cause you are causing me to have tourettes where I sputter things like “Tu me fait chier!” while making dinner.


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