Saturday, November 26, 2005

Do you hear sleigh bells jingling???

I do. And I have even sung the “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” song skipping along the sidewalk. It is official I am a dufus. In my defense- I am pretty sure the snow caused it all. Yeah that is it; it’s the snow’s fault. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Over the weekend Paris got its first sprinkling of snow! See the tiny reflective dots, they are snow. Yes it is too snowing, and I am in my pajamas as it was “early” in the morning. I laid there on the futon looking out my window clapping my hand saying PRETTY! PRETTY!” and when I overcame my weekend lie-in inertia- I was going holy FUCK there are icicles hanging off that witches tit- cause when I opened up the window, it was cold. Bitterass cold. But the best part was that some of it even stuck for all of about 15 minutes, and I cranked up my heater and sat there knitting on the Clapotis (I have become somewhat obsessional about this project-…) It was nice and prompted me after my Saturday morning errands to go to La Grande Epicerie, where I bought exorbitantly priced Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa mix for next time snow happens. I also had a first. I went to the Thanksgiving Store here in Paris. Friends were having a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday so I was helping. I have avoided these places cause really they are just RIDICULOUS. Serious… if I had my camera I would have taken a picture cause they tried to charge 6.5€ for a box of Graham Crackers that were “just past the best by date” 9.5€ for the still ok dated ones. WHAT THE FUCK??? I joined the ranks of the crazy people as I bought a 50cent bag of Mike and Ike’s, only I paid 1.5€… I am weak for the candy people! But no way in hell I am paying 8€ for a box of Stove Top Stuffing. And in the start of the holiday season I even saw me the start of Christmas decorations. Thank yee gods that the French wait to at least the end of November. If the Christmas Carols had started in October I’d be going ballistic. I also found myself responding, no I will not go shopping for anything here in France as I am going to go HOGCRAZY and get EVERYTHING when I am in the US. Bwahahahahaha. Those boots I was, will be half what they cost here! Those pants that I need to wear to work- they will be hemmed for free. I will have free old/new stuff (it is mine and in the storage unit but I haven’t seen it for 3 years- so I baptize it as new). And then there will be the day after Christmas sales. I am not usually up for them but the fact that I will get value and plan on going materialistically insane… well, sing with me. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Time to get an advent calendar and count down until I leave in 23 days.


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