Friday, November 04, 2005

Design Foray

Let’s set it straight from the get go. I am fashion incompetent. I lost my license to dress myself many moons ago. I am accessory impaired, I do not do trendy at all, and when it comes to knitting... I trust those who know what they are doing (a sorority/fraternity of which I am not a member just a follower). That said I am surprising myself with this post. After the TBM spree (upcoming post) I went over to Zara to see if there was anything worthwhile. Part of the regeneration weekend included irresponsible retail therapy. I got a partially angora basic turtleneck in Violette to make up for the Ksar I was mourning. I might go back for a wraparound white broadcloth top. But the most important find was a “jacket:” This jacket was ridiculously priced (like much of the Zara Woman line can be) but I liked the colour enough to be enticed to try it on. Once I tried it on I knew I would be willing to wait in line to try it on in the fitting room so I could take pictures. Pictures cause this time… I want to copy it and I believe I can. And I might just have sufficient determination to do so. God only knows why. I don’t know all the points like whether I want to make it one colour or two or tweed or... or, textured or stockinette, and the rest of those kinds of questions. Let alone the HOWS of how to do it. I just know that I have to figure out how to make me one. And I want to figure it out quick. The idea is to make it in time to wear in the Spring. Down the road to designing this thing I go. My problem… I am not sure where exactly to start. So I am putting up the pictures and asking anyone who has better ideas on where to start to chime in. My current starting point involved a bottle of wine and the ever so Brilliant and Chic Bonne Marie's Cut Away Cardigan... And then things get hazy. Picture 1 Picture 2


Anonymous Anna said...

Hi Fidgety,
Dissapointed that your post was about knitting and not the current political scene in France. Is this topic all the buzz at the Science PO or is it even taboo there?

3:57 PM  
Blogger Stinkerbell said...

give a girl a chance, I am currently posting up all the blog backlog and in the process of writing something up on it. Tis not taboo and Ill have my word on it.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My two cents on getting to the designing of that very cool jacket:
find yarn / swatch / find pattern, even a sewing pattern should do / figure the pieces needed and do rough steps for knitting up

I wd. have a hard time figuring what looks to be the direction of the knitting, kinda like the diagnol knit in the Clapotis

Keep us posted, you can do it!
Terry in SF

7:55 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Gorgeousness on the jacket!

2:27 AM  

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