Monday, October 03, 2005

Comment Spam

It seems that all that talk about the spam for my non-existent penis and the identity crisis it instigates, not to mention the talk about doctors... well it brings the crazies/spammers out of the woodwork. And before it really gets out of control, and before I can make the migration to the independant url, I enabled the captcha to attempt to put an end to it all (the spam, not you know life as we know it or anything :) I know, it is one more thing you have to type in and it is annoying. But for now it is all I can do to try and put a lid on any spam. Now to go and figure out how to delete spam. Cause the last thing I need is more info on penis enlargement. It is Monday morning and I am not about to start it hyperventilating over the fact that well each time I look in my pants I am confronted with the fact, a fact that I am perfectly ok with until someone else asks me if I want to enlarge it, that I have NO PENIS. (that sentence alone should get me some great googles...)


Blogger la sof said...

I have the same problem, it's very new.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being the true computer illiterate user, don't know if your blog has a feature like email programs where you go into features (or something like that) and plug in certain phrases they catch and filter out senders - am I making sense?

So you plug in the name of the male body part(s), etc and supposedly the email program "catches" and dumps the email into spam - HA! I used to have to do that for a biggie I supported a couple of years ago. She used to get SO MANY of the same kind of spam emails (the drug ones too!) I used to have a goooood laugh and wondered what she was reeeeaaallly working on w. the company laptop.

I hope something works out for you in the meantime - and hey! thanks for blogging Tink. Terry in SF

3:03 PM  

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