Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Do I ever Knit???

Seriously do I ever do anything but bitch…Why yes I do (though I still bitch a lot). I am paranoid, and when I get paranoid I not only hear voices, the voices stress me out. And when I am stressed out I knit. Like a fiend. So today’s post… it brings you knitting and a celebrity sighting- which should get its own post… but I am lazy, so it is the cookie at the end, for those of you anxious and all. First I bring you socks from Sockapaltwoza. I am a slacker. I know. But see my pal is in Houston. I emailed her to say I was about a week late (which is good for me), and at that exact same time she was hosting an unwelcome visitor named Rita. Given that fact she will let me know when to send them, with French goodies to make up for my inherent lameness. Here is the table shot of socks I am calling bubble gum candy cane stripes. They have to be kitchenered up (and I need to remember how to do that…) but they are “done.” I hope they fit and that she likes them! And since I am jealous of everyone else who can go throw their things on plants in a garden… here is my attempt as I try to “garden” on my balconier. The pot is empty due to the weather change (oh yes equinox and all- it is officially Fall), the dahlias say it’s a no-go any more. I haven’t decided what to plant in its place. I switch between bulbs, crazy plants, and the Parisen Roi des Balcons- geraniums like every other freaking windowsill grows. Next up is one of the NOT WHAT I EXPECTED stripy socks. I haven’t decided if I will keep them or given them to someone else. I am not 100% fond of the colors, but they have grown a wee bit more on me. Continuing with my theme are the socks socks and more socks pile (yes people, I may be having blog blahs… and the "eh" work deal, but I am sock knitting to beat the band). The pink anklets in that pile there the F-You Cancer, said while I am being Pretty in Pink Anklets. They will hopefully make tootsies warmer and the cancer fuck off. The blue ones are for the about to burst already pregnant lady. They will match His Royal Highness's outfit. I am hoping that her womb is comfy enough that the socks arrive before “he” decides to make his appearance. I know she hates me for that but hey, I am selfish. Gestate till they get there! They are for her to wear at the hospital (instead of silly slippers that the checklist suggests). And those b-limey ones?? Well I fell in LOVE with the others and I wanted a pair for me. This is my colour and I am loving them. One down one to go! Now we get to notoriety. Not mine- I don’t have enough readers. Notoriety of the “them” kind. Le Bon Marché had guests for the day. For those not in the know, France is not so big on the LYS concept. They have boutiques here and there, but they are often just one brand (like Phildar, Anny Blatt and Plassard) and not always do they have that great of a selection. Almost never do they have a GREAT sale, nor are there usually discounts. So you go to the department stores, which like in the UK have yarn. Funny to think of Nordstroms as your yarn store, but that is how things work here. I call it a haberdashery- it sounds posh. Anyways since le Bon Marché has La Drougerie, Phildar, Anny Blatt, Bouton d’Or, Plassard, Noro, Colinette Rowan, RYC, and Debbie Bliss. They are my LYS, that one stop shopping concept- me likey. Over all given what she has to work with Marie (who runs my favorite section) does pretty good. Sometimes we get half ass trunk shows (here have one pattern done in something from one pattern book you carry… here is another from another in another series, is what I call it). But most of the time it is all blind faith. Now for the most part getting patterns and the like in takes a while- cause they sell them only with the translations. And that means they have to be translated. Sure that makes sense, but I don’t want to knit in French. I already drink enough wine as it is. This means that they have carried the Alpaca Silk line for about 8 months I think… and had no pattern book. But WHAM BAM Thank You Ma’am- the motherlode is arriving. Marie is extending her Debbie Bliss line, and in doing that she got us a visit from the traveling road show. Debbie Bliss and Jane Ellison came to town!!! And I got to see the Alpaca Silk DK, the Cashmerino Ashkatran and knit patterns!Yeah I took a long lunch to go and see. At first I was shy… then I asked if I could try things on (it may be a yarn store- but it is France you NEVER know). Here we go opens the great divide by saying well I actually half know people that you do so … and then there was no turning back. I started chatting with them both. Which was probably an oddity of sorts given their day- as most of the people coming by the table only spoke French. There was a translator on hand but you know… actually I stepped in as a model of two things and translated a bit myself as I stood there hemming and hawing. I mean Debbie Bliss told me she was starting to dislike me as I kept looking sexy in all these goods. Sure it was the sales pitch but it entertained me. They were very kind and said that I HAD to make two of the items, and to be honest I agree. One more than the other, but so goes it. I bought the books for both and now need to find me a deal on the yarn. So without further ado… here are the girls who run the show and headline it too. And these two are of me in patterns that I love. Please ignore the fact that I look like a wide load in them though m’kay? Thanks! But before we get there (and to be honest I dont know when I will, but I was ONE hair away from running off with it I swear I was) next post... it is Clapotis!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:28 PM  
Blogger Juliet said...

I really like those two patterns! (and I think they look great on you as no fussing!)

I often think of starting a blog with my knitting projects...but time and my own impatience means I usually stick to smaller projects such as scarfs and simple hats.

Well...and the cost of actually buying large lots of yarn.


oh! And the living in a foreign country- tres cool. (isn't the tres very? Anyway, I apoligize for bastardizing your adopted home's language)

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Emma said...

All the socks are fab !
You look fantastic in both D.B. jackets. Really ! Especially the purple. Gorgeous. Start saving to knit them both. ;-]

9:38 PM  
Anonymous knit chick said...

Both garments look great on you.I really like your bubble gum candy cane socks. I need to start moving on building up my sock collection.

A non-knittng friend was in Paris last month & she was nice enough to go to le Bon Marché to get me some yarn. I was confused since I didn't think they sold yarn there. I think you summed it up nicely: "think of Nordstroms as your yarn store".

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that purple knitted delight. Love it.

Everyday Stranger

9:17 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Love the color of those sockapaltwoza socks ... great job!

4:31 PM  

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