Tuesday, August 02, 2005


So ummmm.... Rowan, are things going down hill that spirally fast?? Or have you just plunged into the depths of Urban (complete with drugs like Meth)?? I have just seen the new posting of on Colourway's site. (which is one annoying site given their download delay and pop ups that disapear...) And while I am trying to hold out hope (some of those photos are shite for showing anything) I am seriously being tested. The RYC things are a bit better (and I look forward to touching their new yarns too at some point). But I find I am interested in less and less of these magazines as I go. Which is kind of sad considering it was Rowan that finally made the point clear to me that I could knit things I would wear and were fashionable. Even sadder as all of Kim Hargreaves patterns which I STILL love, are in kit form only. SAD. I guess I have to thank the lords that my favorite Rowan lady will make me a copy of the pattern if I buy the yarn so if I like one thing I am not forced to waste my money getting the whole mag for one silly pattern. Cause at the same time things go down the hill, it is of course time to send the prices up the register. That said I did get my hands on a ball of RYC CashSoft (yeah for my favorite Rowan lady getting some in) and found out that Debbie Bliss should be here next month at the Bon Marché so there is something to look forward to I guess. I really liked the yarn, a lot, but it has me thinking. I spent the weekend when not vacuuming or shopping (oh good god I am weak for the hot salesman... I should have never gone to his counter. Or left with this with this in it. But I have wanted it for 2 years and am not into waiting for the white horseman either. So I guess it wasnt horrible- just less responsible than I want to be. I was supposed to get it after I secured the next contract as a congratulatory gift... let's hope this doesn't screw with my contract karma... And it looks nice too right...) swatching. I am still on the fence about the socks, which may or may not become Sockapalooza socks. I mean candycane striping?? I thing Le Fate were telling me to think about it when after working on the other leg's body I ran into a knot. I HATE that when knitting socks. So instead I swatched. I swatched three yarns this past weekend (while watching DVDs of the I love you but you are not making me feel good- Sex and the City). Thinking that I have to make something out of each of them. But I have double swatched each one (first with 3x3 ribbing for the new sweater of my dreams) and also next in stockinette to see what the yarn looks like. The first yarn in the line up is obviously the CashSoft (DK) from the spending spree that was last Saturday (see parenthetical evidence by links in above paragraph). I bought this ball of yarn with no purpose except to feel up the yarn. And I am here to tell you that while I love it... I don't see much difference between it and Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino Aran. Which by the way was swatching experiment numero dos. I am trying to see what this line is supposed to have set apart in the field of yarns and I am finding myself in want of an answer. Kind of ironic huh?? I shouldn't have really been surprised given that they have similar compositions. But you know me I am not rational, at all :) I love both and I think they are probably interchangeable for most projects, well except when financial considerations are taken into consideration. After that I stitched up some of Anny Blatt Ksar I got the weekend before last just to you know play. I am really buying too many one balls of yarn just to "play." I have swatched them and will see if one ball is enough to make a hat. I think it is enough for a basic cables hat to send to a friend. Verdict. I love the color and the yarn is HELLA soft with a lovely halo. If I didnt know better I would think there was Alpaca or Angora in it actually. But it is still kind of spendy so... I don't know if I see it in a sweaters future. Unless it somehow goes on sale or something, and then... I am ALL over it. But really Camel's hair?? Who knew... These swatches join my friendly swatch of some cursed Calmer I had lying around. Once I recover or get a contract... I will be placing an order. This order will include the rest of the yarn to finish the bloody collar on Pretty Wrappy Top, it may include yarn to make the it will be mine sweater du jour or a larger clapotis in RYC CashSoft DK, and I will get me some Calmer to finish the Shedir hat (and sooth my paranoias about said hat) and then get me some more Calmer (must pick a color...) to make me a Tivoli Tshirt like Silvia's.


Blogger Jessica said...

Oh yeah. Ksar is soooooo soft and awesome. It makes me want to go find a camel to pet.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get Kim Hargreaves' deal, and I just hope she'll sell her patterns sans yarn eventually.

Beautiful necklace, Stinkerbell. You have to treat yourself once in a while!


2:41 AM  

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