Monday, August 29, 2005

Update on the monthly goals

1. Read one classic per month, read one book in each language you read over the year, and 28 books for the year in total - This month I have read almost all of Portrait of a Lady and started Sense and Sensibility 2. Go to a new museum on each free first Sunday of the month - Ok have NOT done good on this one. MUST get derriere up and moving!! 3. Drink a minimum of 1 litre of water per day - Yup, Yup now I am a water retaining sea cow. And one who does the I gotta go pee pee yeah you no me dance more often. 4. Spend one night a week with no TV and no DVDs and no Technology. Whole night! - Yeah does the night I passed out count… will get there will get there right?? 5. Save money to recreate a “nest egg/safety parachute” - Hmmm battling this one as I have a start on the nest egg but would like to just pay the student loans as much as I can too. 6. Cook a true dinner once a month- Tink loves to eat the meat she needs to get over not knowing how to buy it (family owned a cattle ranch, the meat fairy brought it POOF to the freezer. 7. Try a new cuisine each month (something you normally scrunch your nose at!) - I had sushi last month. I like some of them but the raw texture on most of them gets to me each and every time. I am a very texture sensitve one. It explains why I will eat french fries but not mashed potatoes 8. Take one activity class per week (pilates, ballet, dance, yoga, etc) - I was lazy… but I have joined the and I decided for this month I am goig to focus on making running weekly the habit of choice 9. Do one physical activity (swimming, running, rock climbing, cardio at gym etc) once a week- see above 10. Run a half Marathon - I am going to keep up on the running weekly thing and this month I am researching which one I would be interested in 11. Eat vegetables (i.e. a vegetable for the month eaten once a week) - I am three years old and ditched this one this month. It is difficult and easy, which is why I am grumpy with myself. Sure I could go fry me some vegetables but that isnt healthy. Otherwise I prefer them raw which should make it easier but seemingly does not 12. Make a monthly contribution to a charity - I have contributed to MSF and Olivers Fund. You should too!! 13. Start “learning” Spanish- not yet but see below 14. Visit two regions in France and at least one vineyard, plus one new country - Well it looks like with the job China will get to be on the list and I am going to try and visit a friend in Toulouse here soon 15. Get my grandfather’s birth certificate - HELL YEAH BEEEYOTCHES I have GOT IT. This one is off the list. This means I am one step closer to my Spanish nationality again AND with that I will never have to go through this paper work dance AGAIN to work in Europe!!! 16. Take a scuba diving course- I am looking into a program for it in Belize or the Red Sea maybe in March of next year. Saving for it to will have to be taken into account 17. Learn about and read the texts of one of the major world religions - No attention paid, must decide which one... 18. Finish my knitting projects- Yeah, yeah yeah I am getting there 19. Go to one Opera and one Ballet at Garnier- Offices have just opened back up but by September they will have the performance list for the Fall out for the choosing!! 20. Take a photo daily - Not daily but I am getting some taken 21. Floss weekly - Dude I was good for 2 weeks doing it 3 times and then I fell off the bandwagon. Wearing floss isn't going to help is it?? 22. DECLUTTER - I decluttered some of my papers, bit by bit I will get there 23. STUDY my ass off and take the GREs (while you are at it, get a ROCKING score too) - I have been researching which book to get. Which is one big fuck you to this goal. AND HOLY SHIT it is September, I am hoping to take the exam by November…so now I am going to BUY the damn things and start the studying no more bullshit 24. Make your home more yours (decoration etc) - I have done a bit of this. I hung some pictures I bought and I bought a vase for flowers. More of the incremental 25. Cultivate a bit of garden on your window - This, I have got this one all over. Well except that I have to replace my dahlias. I have lemon verbena, mint and rosemary going good with my strawberries 26. Get a website up and going - I have bought both urls and I chosen a host. Once lap top has more memory (no repeat comatose status is desired) I can start the designing and then buy the server space 27. Keep the dishes done nightly- I mostly get this one done 28. Relax and fill this one in later when it comes to you :) - I think this is going to become a rotater monthly; so for next month the goal is: Get some sun, get outside, enjoy the last breaths of it all.


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Blogger Amelia said...

Flipping heck sweetheart, give youself a break, with a to do list like that, you'll never sit down, breathe or have time to day dream :) Are you coming over? Huh, huh? A.x

9:56 PM  
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