Friday, August 26, 2005

Update on the Contract

I am not sure I ever appropriately answered this as I go through my umpteenth funk with the blog and what it should be or what I should talk about. Well funk that; here is the status. Tink has a contract extended through the end of the year. She is gonna stay in Paris. This post has funding already secured for next year, therefore unless there is a great big Tink flop between now and November… Tink should have a bit more of a permanent/stable contract and 25% pay raise in January. Unlike last time there was no jumping around and bouncing off the ceilings, which is odd all given. I mean I have been stretching out on the rack having esoterical discussions whilst hyperventilating with Torquemada himself through out this recent Inquisition, so you would think the world would come off my shoulders. Atlas shrugged if you like. Ikke so migge… To add misery to pain, there was no relief, because I still have to face down another layer of bureaucracy in the 9 layer dip of hell that working abroad can be. There is no glamourising life in Paris here people, not this is the raw and utter truth of the matter. That and I have laundry to do. I glitz with glamour in the eternal city :) If there was no Lionel Ritchie fest where I did my own rendition of Dancing on the Ceiling, what was there? Well there was a whole whoop load of frustration for the process I went through (Tink says hand over the vodka and no more fucking interviews) and there was a very “Eh” feeling. All that inspite of the fact that Tink got what she “wanted” (Tink should know better by now to “want” anything…). Most of the "Eh" stems from the changes of one post to another. Funny even though the new post is great with a nice new team, potentially more work but also more rewarding and interesting; me- I want my old job, at my old desk, with my old team, and my old boss in particular. And I am mopeing around about that. I am beyond resolution of the “Eh” feeling as I get to travel to China for work. Sure it’ll be in December, but I have always wanted to go and fuck the snow I am hiking the Great Wall people. But that alone has not been enough to stir out the “Eh” feeling. And that my friends is surprising because if there is anything that itches more than the ever so FUCKING annoying bug that invaded the walls of my flat, it is the travel bug I caught way back. And the cherry on this is that I don’t even have to pay the expensive parts of this trip, I’ll even get to fly business class… I mean for penny pincher me you would think that would take the "Eh" out of the building. Ikke so migge. Anyways there you have it. 4 more months of stability, with a whoping dish of “EH” Some one smack Tink the fuck out of the “Eh.” PLEASE.


Anonymous jackie said...

Well congrats on the new contract, and a trip to China sounds great! Hope that "eh" doesn't get the best of you.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Moze said...

OK, dear, I'm so going to bitch-slap you. "EH?" You're traveling to China--BUSINESS CLASS--and you're all "EH"? I travel overseas 4-5 times a year. Sardine Class. "Hey, we've got 2 inches of space, let's shove in another seat" class. Close to the next passenger than you were to your last boyfriend class.

I'd give my left--hmm, don't have those to give--well, I'd give a lot to be flying business class. Tell you what. I'll take the ticket and the EHs, OK?

Knew you'd agree...

6:58 PM  

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