Thursday, August 18, 2005

Let’s Play A Game

See Tink’s life is a crap shoot. And right now the wheel going round her head is spinning. So time for everyone to heed the Roulette Master and “Place your bets! Place your bets!” Bets are currently being taken for how many seconds of sanity appearance Tink can muster and when SOMEONE will just settle things up for her future. In the meantime could someone PLEASE just shoot me dead? NOW. Serious, Tink hunting season has opened in full; no license or permit needed. That or find me a pause/stop button. I mean what fucking international concentric circle of hell have I landed myself in this time? The jobs I interviewed for, that were supposed to let me know early LAST week… they emailed this morning. Prompt has a whole new meaning in this concentric circle of hell, if you weren’t aware. FINALLY an email... but wait! Not with a thumbs up or thumbs down proposal. Lest I state that these are TEMPORARY posts that they supposedly wanted someone to start in poste haste, and last only to the end of the year. Sure next January it could become permanent, but there will be nothing in paper about that until November. No they want me to go to another freaking "appointment." Could be an interview, could be an introduction, could be me popping out of a penile birthday cake only to frighten the fuck out of two Japanese men... Wait and see. What kind of process are they trying to wring my thighs and ass (recent signatories of the rogue non-proliferation treaty that is trying to 1. Take over Luxembourg, and 2. keep them out of my pants) through. All this with people not even in the friggin division I would work in, thus people I would NOT work with. People that are not related through the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon to the post. OH MI GOD, how many hoops of fire do I have to jump through backwards whilst wearing my macramed triangle bikini made out of recycled Nepalese sari yarn chanting the Magna Rea backwards, in pig latin. Currently, me and my inside mole friend are uttering a great big WHAT THE HOLY FUCK-A-DOODLE-DOO?? I swear I am ready to start evangelicizing to God himself if he would step me out of this concentric circle of hell. I believe the timing of all this (fter 2 weeks of nothingness and silence that would deafen the deaf) to be a karmic response to the fact that I interviewed for another post yesterday. I have no clue if I will get it or not. At least them though, they seemed like they were hot to trot to get someone in the post, so chances are I will probably/hopefully hear from them either way before I have this next bogus interview for the posts that will never make up their minds. Funny how yesterday I was totally ambivalent about it all. I thought if I got the happy nightmare, i.e. both posts, I might take the one that currently wants me to interview again. The overall pro cons of these posts, that are all similar in skills, responsibilities, and travel opportunities, were even. WERE is the imperative word. Dude, I get that post from yesterday’s interview… and I am taking it, no longing, and no looking back. Nada! Just a pay raise, some travel and a freaking answer!!! But wait you don’t come to hear some bint whinge and diatribe about her work/find a contract worries. Furthermore the bint is getting fed up with whinging and sounding like a twat. No you come for the knitting. Well knitting, it has been done. Heck with all this stress I am churning things out like crazy, and I am going to put some of it out there. Over the weekend and continued through this week I have become a sock factory, what better way becides a bleeding ulcer to internalise the stress?? I have 4 (well 5 technically) socks “on the needles,” 2 are for the same pattern/yarn. Those are the socks I believe I will finalize as my sockapatwoza socks. They are the candy cane socks… and both have leg tubes done. After that point my ADD self needed something else, so I started a pair in the Regia yarn I got a while back. The one that was NOT the color tones I expected. One sock completely done on that front. However I stopped immediately after that sock to make a pair of cancer socks. I found out that someone’s Mom was going to have a mastectomy and radiology. I don’t know her well, but she entertains the hell out of me so I emailed offering to make a hat or socks. She was all SOCKS! A stop at the Bon Marché for two balls of F*&K YOU Cancer, while I am pretty in Pink; Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (Rose for those of you with less creative minds :) and an interrogation that most would have crumbled under with the nice lady, I was off and running. If I couldn’t be traveling (because I am in La-La-Limbo land over here) I could be doing good. And good I did because I have one finished quasi anklet (my first ever go at an anklet deal). The way things look now with ANOTHER weekend of waiting and the ribbing and heel flap already done. I am betting on it being done by Monday. I also started one other project, anyone care to guess?? And this ends the knitting section of this post... the universe is talking to me again (shush, better than voices in my head m'kay…) and whilst shopping for cranberry juice I saw a drink called "Chill Out." It spoke to me, I bought it and now I am going to drink it. And then go buy more, will need it for another knitfest weekend :)


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