Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Phildar... Oh Phildar

Why doth thou forsaketh me?? I cometh unto you despite thy higheth acrylic content. I cometh to give thee my money. Is it because I speaketh to you in yee old English?? Cause seriously I searcheth the reason. Every time I grab a little bit of faith or extend the good will Phildar goes and shatters it. Yesterday I decided I was going to check the soldes at my Phildar boutique. I know I am bad I did not check the soldes at the yarn stores when they started…I shall repent my sins, once Phildar doth stopeth fucking around with me. Each time I go into that boutique I go in search of classic colors. And each time like the ultimate karmic flip of the bird to the knitting gods I must have inadvertently committed, these classic colours are discontinued. Now this is not a Phildar thing (Rowan discontinued mon Amour and really I think that merits a yarn penalty – where in the person who made that decision is deprived of his/her yarn) but given that they discontinued Pretty Wrappy Tops Kaki colour and what I found out today, proportionately they are winning the battle. By the time I got to the store there really wasn’t anything on solde worth looking at. Much of it was crazy variegated colours of Plaisance and some yarns I would never use. So I didn’t dig past the one bag I should have. Instead I go look at the not on sale yarns. I am intrigued by one called Beaugency, but not enough to buy it. I look at patterns and I fall in LOVE with this one. Oh yes… it WILL be mine! (I am thinking either in Chamonix if a certain someone can find me some and the price and colour is right, that or the new RYC line/Debbie Bliss Cashmerino). But right before I leave I decide to take one last glance at the solde bags of yarn. And you know what I find? A bag of cotton microfibres that is in a lovely chocolate-plummy colour. Ahhhh for15 euros you will be mine, even if I have never knit in cotton microfibres. Oops maybe not, that lady got to it first and she had just put it aside… That is the sound of me deflating. I ask if they have more, and my nice Phildar lady comments that no it is discontinued (along with the lovely plum muscat purple colour of Aviso I wanted to get to make Smooch in). WHAT, for the love of all the colour gods this is a classic colour. FUCK, oh well I didn’t have a project for it… *WAIT* she checked the Usine, and if I want it they have it there. I the anti-stash girl posessing NO idea what to make with this yarn say yes. I bought 10 skeins for 15 euros of chocolat cotton micro fibres. Why? Because chocolat is a color that is to be kept. It is a basic color and I will figure out something to make. Really they are lucky that their collections automne had this in it and I really really want to make it. Otherwise I might just have given up the ghost on Phildar...


Blogger kris said...

i got 14 balls of coton microfibre in chocolat at the soldes ... no idea what i'm using it for. we'll find some beautiful project, i'm sure.

have a good weekend!

10:46 PM  

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