Monday, July 11, 2005

The Deafening…

I know for all this silence you are just overwhelmed… yeah so I am old(er) and I can do the sarcasm more now. Anyways… I am in recovery mode. I am totally drained out (serious 7 people over the past 3 weeks. I love every last one of you to the itty bitty marrow of my bones, but I slept 30 hours these past three “nights” to catch up) So for now you get the run down, not much but here it is. One day I will be a good blogger again, but not today (links tomorrow). I love my favorite scruffy Italian, he makes my day. He brings me wine and speaks to me in the Italian as we walk through the festival of lights, and he feels it is safe enough to bring me to an all Italian friends evening. That, that is something! (Don’t you think languages sound better when they become the Language… ok it’s just me). He will bring me more wine when he moves back to Paris this Fall… how I love thee my favorite scruffy Italian let me count the ways :) Then I had my English (not British thank you very much, this is not a visa application) friend in town. That was fun cause I played tour guide. I like doing that, showing people “my” Paris and making shit up when I don’t know the answers. I dragged the boy to the Soldes, got me some odd balls of yarn cause in all sincerity the Bone Marché Soldes are CRAP (but I did get cool plates and the grocery store is Mecca. I got digestives- which I love and CRANBERRY JUICE for less than 4€ a liter- HEAVEN, I am in HEAVEN). My score, I got some Alpaca Silk to test out for Frieda this Fall and Calmer in the LOVELY colour Amour. If I ever meet the person at Rowan who thought that it was a smart idea to discontinue that colour (you know the one that Audrey was photo’d in…) I will harm them. I lurve that color. If you know where I can find it and tell me in secret you too will become my next new love Anyways next up… in which Tink has a birthday and she is totally stoked cause all you people came by and said happy birthday. Tink goes totally AWOL and uninteresting and you… you all still say happy birthday. You ROCK. After that and the very pretty flowers Tink had a super secret meeting, where in she darted the rain and stayed in a yarn store WAY toooooo long. I met up with the one and only adorable and ever so lovely Polly. And we met at the Anny Blatt+ store in the Marais. The sales there- them be a much better idea than the Bon Marché! Still NOT SHOWING Kate joined us and we avoided the rain that was BUCKETING on us staying in the store till it closed. So *erm* yes I bought yarn (I have subsequently bought patterns too). I bought some Kid Mohair yarn (for the Rebecca Wrap Cardi- but I am also now thinking of it for other projects) and some Kidsilk like yarn for a rectangular Birch, which loosens up the Kidsilk I have for Paisely). And this was where I found out that Kate, her is leaving me… I don’t know if I will forgive Canada for this one (as happy as I am for her). After Yakinikudon (where in I astound Polly with the amount of a salt lick I am. I have four words for you- Bring On the Soy Sauce (OK its five but I am not counting the ok…)) we walked past some of the filming for the Da Vinci Code and sent a tired and adorable Kate home. Then we wandered and walked our way up to my quartier which it turns out was Polly’s too!!! And this is where her description of our evening goes to hell in a hand basket. I was a gab fest on her and she just listened talked and totally put up with me (which I think qualifies her for beatification through the new Catholic Church procedures). Astounds that Polly does, adore her I do (do I sound like Yoda today to anyone else besides myself???). But as much as she would like to make it sound like it was all just civilised and gracious (seriously I am the least of anything on this planet to a southern belle!), I put that girl to work. It started out with a pretense of me being interested and watching her seam up my Martha sleeves so that I could learn and the same for an abandoned FO called DayDream (baby sweater for a baby it will NOT fit any more good thing all you other breeders are reproducing for me in waves). It finished with her handing me Martha seamed up perfectly and the same for DayDream. Welcome to Tink’s Workshop factory :) For a Kir you too can work at my finishing party on the Place Contrescarpe till past your bedtime. After Polly headed back to London, my favorite skinny Italian showed up. Oh and how I love my favorite skinny Italian. Him he won my heart- he brought me truffle oil. Oh that boy he KNOWS how to push and tease this girls buttons. I hadn’t seen him in a while and suffice to say there was so much catching up and going out that over the 5 nights he was in town I didn’t go to bed before 3am once. I love that boy though and we… we did not do much strenuous stuff but walk (where in Tink gets a sunburn- you too can look at your décolletage and say SHIT I am a LOBSTER) watched a movie (Tink LOVES Les Poupees Russe!!!) went to Beauborg (ahhh yes my favorite skinny Italian is a PhD student in film and cinematography and he can explain the modern art to me in Italian (when we want NO ONE to think we can be like those Abercrummie and Bitch kids that really are so FUCKING LOUD AND STUPID that even my mangled Italian sounds better than THAT). We also go out for drinks and then eat at my all time favorite restaurant in town. Oh Chez Omar how I love your sauce au poivre. But it couldn’t end there… no our weak to peer pressure girl comes to the rescue. See the last week was work week from Hades. We had major meetings for 2 days and so each of those nights we went out afterwards as we did for the usual TGIF deal our division does on Fridays. Did I mention that one I didn’t get home any of those nights before 1:30am and 2. Dear god when will I learn my lesson… restroom before leaving ANY restaurant. Your bladder and the people watching you dance on the métro will thank you. Anyways so now you have a slight idea about why I slept 30 hours and did NOTHING (especially of the list I have of things I need to do like ummm laundry and groceries). I managed though to keep slightly too my promise to Polly. She wants to see Martha finished, and so do I… But JEBUS picking up all those stitches with tiny pointy needles it makes the Tink fingers *CRY*. So what does any (ir)rational knitter do when she has two projects lovely and almost finished?? She starts a new one. I first swatched some of my yarns, and then I thought good and hard about some of them. And then I wished that those two Rebecca Magazines I cracked and got were HERE… NOW. Cause I wanted to start something else but instead I broke out the Calmer and since I could only find one measly ball of Amour (which really I am in amour with Amour) I started it into the Shedir hat. I got through all the ribbing and two of the initial cable pattern repeats after casting on yesterday. Yup so now you are all up to date and once I can get my battery charger for the camera to work I can show you pictures of the elf at work and of the Shedir (I am damn proud of those cables) and the Martha cause I have a photo where in all she needs is a neck band (and me I need that sheet of the pattern and steel finger protectors). Bises!!


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