Wednesday, May 11, 2005

You Wanna Know What I Did Monday Night?

Well I took photos for you, and Meesa gonna post dem (hint there is talk about Martha making a partial appearance- you know like she is running down the tarmac). And more interestingly I watched Star Wars: First Episode, a series that M6 is running leading up to the release of the last episode. But damn if it aint weird seeing it dubbed in French! Yoda and Jar-Jar just do not sound quite right… And while it is not as funny as Stash Wars, I still watched and wound me this. Yup that is Shimmer and she is EVER so soft on the hand. One more yarn that I am in adoration with, if you were a betting person you would note that I have a real thing for alpaca my friends (as well as cashmere and angora too :) If Shimmer came in solid colors, I would die and go to heaven. And then I would probably figure out a way to use it for that cropped tie toppy thing I want to make. As it is I am thinking I need to make a trail order from Knitpicks soon… So what else did I do you ask, isn’t that First Episode a long movie… well first when you don’t have tons of commercials it runs about 2 hours. And when you show up 20 minutes late and have to make dinner that doesn’t add to the time either. Second when you have 440 yards of lace weight yarn to hand wind, well you don’t do much else, cause it is just plain old time consuming. I looked at Martha’s left front for one reminiscing second. I switched around needles in that anticipatory dance, but when I saw how the pattern was adjusted my mind went all wonky. And since I had soft yarn and a ball to make I did that instead. But all this lead me to thinking that I need to line up the birthday list. We are almost one month and counting away. I have decided rather than waiting I am going to get myself things (Unless it is made clear that someone else is ordained to surprise me with gifts- as I will send this list around, yes I am THAT kind of girl. The one who says if you don't know me that well, and 9 out of 10 times you dont, I will tell you what I want. Please do not deviate from the list... do not get me shoes like THIS!!). These are things above and beyond the small amount I budget to treat myself monthly. I have three pressies in the line up- a ball winder (hence this tangent brought to you my the letter all about ME :) a necklace (Fuck waiting for a boy to bring you a pretty blue box go get it yourself grrl! Now to decide which one...), and music player (for now an Ipod Shuffle. Have to take advantage of the smuggling *erm* I mean traveling friend and I don’t have the funds yet for the real deal mega storage Ipod) And then just when the morning got started, I went to put this post together and the sun came out BAM starts the day. Wow people I just won through Blingo. A movie ticket (I mean if it was an Ipod you would hear the squeals where ever you are) but still that is enough for me. I am going to have the ticket sent to Mama Mao’s address and let her have the free movie :) But no that isn't enough... I am completely blown away today because Anna emailed me to ask if I wanted her extra she has of thebookthebookthebook ! Ummm... HELL YEAH!!!! I took 0.2 nanoseconds to fire that email off! I don’t know what I have done recently to have this one fall in my lap but I live my life by one rule... never look a gift horse in mouth or the hoof for that matter. Off to take a lunch time trip to La Poste. Certain people have some goodies coming their way, the Procrastination Princess has stepped off the throne :)


Anonymous Ann said...

Martha looks awesome, Tink! Finish her! Finish her!

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