Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hello to All the Bold and the Beautiful...

It is time for a game of weekend round up! First and foremost lets talk about notoriety. I am hoping since I got a complete shout out from Wendy last week (when else can you express your love telling someone they are a noix de gateaux aux fruit and get traffic for it?? I LOVE that lady :) I am going to try and use it for a good cause. There are lots of bloggers out there raising money for good causes. Wendy herself raised money to buy knitting baskets through Heifer and is now raising money for Susan G. Komen. Jen and La raised money for breast cancer, you would have to have been in an Iraqi trench not to know about our favorite Harlot and Blogueses sans Frontières and now Kitten is putting up shop for another good cause. I believe strongly in reproductive rights and sex education and I want to encourace anyone of you who is a woman, loves a woman, or raising one to make a donation. I know I will, once my transatlantic transfer makes it across the pond (I pay 15€ + a % of the amount for 48 hours fuckers not this two weeks BULLSHIT!). So here comes the soap box with profanities, cover the babies ears... It will surprise few of you who ever read my other blog or between my lines that politically while practical at heart, I am pretty much left of left- for the states in particular. But my beliefs goes further than any party affiliation and they have real life experience attached to them. I volunteered during college with Planned Parenthood and have done a Mission (do I sound Mormon to you, I know I said no question is a stupid question but really...) in the developing world (Public Policy Specialist and Development Political Economist present and accounted for) on family planning. I have seen things from a perspective that not many have and sure as hell not many men. If they did they wouldn't block up money for a bloody razor blade so that the umbilical cord can be cut without infecting the mother or child, cause one fucking pamphlet from the organisation in another god damn country mentioned the option of abortion. While there are many areas of my life I would not mind the government, when it comes to my body and its health and my well being, I see no place for government or anyone's religion. That is between me and whatever donut in the sky I talk to; not me and you and or your God. For the hypocrites out there this is what PRIVACY is about and it is NOT a selective concept nor is the idea of seperation of church and state. It is there for a reason. So sorry boys but until you have one, I say to Congress and George Bush: KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY GOD DAMN UTERUS and while your at it extend the same dignity and RIGHT to any other sentient females too!!! Whew!! There went a poof of smoke... Now on to the knitting stuff: Can you believe it?? I made it to Café Tricoter! I am so definitely proud of myself for this, as I even managed to arrive on time, not latina time but when I said I would! I talked knitting in French which is not my forte, well until Kate showed up looking all cute and totally not pregnant. Let the anglo-fest commence :) Mona came to chat too and was knitting a lovely sweater. I must confess though… do you know how odd it is for someone to walk right up to you and recognize you from your blog?? Let's just say it is pleasant but still well… odd :) Oh and I will have you all know that for TWICE the price of what I could have gotten it for in the state I got me a bible. Yes before we left Kate and I went up to buy our book (the one I cleverly stole out from under her nose :) And then Kate took me to a GREAT Japanese place for lunch. Can I tell you how much I loved that Yakinikudon?? TONS!!! I am so glad that I the finicky eater have started to open myself to other food options. Who knew I would love the pink ginger with my meat dipped in soy? Well the soy bit I knew, but pink ginger?? After that I spent the weekend knitting on Martha, going to the exhibition of the French Open and drooling over Guga (tickets sold out before my "lazy and in the Jeux Olympiques commercial film thing they did on the Champs" ass got out to Roland Garros- let's hope that tennis freak boss can find us some for this Saturday with his links), cleaning a bit, planting some window hangers, and lounging with my new bible. So what about Martha? Well wine and needles obviously do not go well together… however that said I expect that after watching Star Wars Episode 4 tonight that one if not both will be done. And then I get to face up to the evil sleeves and their shaping. I MIGHT just MIGHT make it in time (though I am not sure about them being blocked…) for the blogmeet with the cool kids on Thursday. *edited to note that I finished the second front on the métro today. Now to face up to the evil sleeve shaping tonight cause I have plans for tomorrow evening. Champions League and a Pint are calling my name... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... :)* And this is my friendly disclaimer on dubbing: HOLY SHIT BATMAN Darth Vader’s voice in French SUCKS. I am supposed to hear heavy breathing and something like James Earl Jones, at the least deep and raspy- not some random French man and some panting… Furthermore it is one thing to call Shaggy Sammy; which I still am kind of wavering on forgiving you for... But what the fuck are you doing calling Chewbacca, Chico?? Who the hell gave you that kind of permission??


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Besides what you have just mentioned - cna you believe that Bush wants to start to be able to "monitor" the mail - under the ruse of monitoring terrorist activity. Tink - you're absolutely right in what you say. Happy knitting, Terry in SF

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