Thursday, April 14, 2005

There Are Borders…

And Blogspot has depassed all of them, by leaps and bounds. It was sufficient for what it was and really one can only complain so much about a free service but well … I had this kick ass post I perfected. I linked to it; I even linked to photos in it too. You might see the little edited note in it about this post. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what annoyed me. The fucker ATE my post, the post that I had put my precious TIME into, locked me out of Blogger and then I had to put all that time back into it to post it later. That was the last straw on Humpty Dancing Dumpty's back; over the edge and through the valley to grandmother’s house of discontent I went. Since I started this blog here have been little blips and bugs here and there, ones beyond my computer issues (cause we all know I have been placed on Olaf the Swedish God of Technology’s shit list for all of eternity and perpetuity). Periods where I couldn’t access things, times when the functions were insufficient. La mentioned this last month when people couldn’t post to a my I got a visa post, and the photos resized the post such that the blog is all FUBAR on formatting. Which by the way thank you for scrolling down to read, I appreciate it. I had thought to take the time to adapt that and play with the CSS and code again. I know some of that basic stuff. And I had gotten used to Blogger, which importantly was free. I am a creature of habit and fiscal responsibility (as best I can be) so it was going to take something external to pry my ass out of the chair for the ever-expanding derriere. Last Friday there was a snap that took a crowbar to the chair and here I am. There is enough about using Blogspot that I do not like. Eating posts is one point. Comments are another (9 out of 10 times I don’t get an email for you or know where you have a website either). And since I am broke but not deathly so I took action. I went to Godaddy, which is the least expensive option, and I bought my URL. Or what I thought was my URL. And then the circles with Godaddy began. Seriously if it takes 9 "customer service" people to answer a simple question and stop them from continuing to try to bash me, I am not sure I should use them. I guess they are cheaper for a reason. So I don’t know what shall become of this adventure but we are breathing a bit and focusing on other things cause Tink is about to go into agitation overdrive from the whole URL fiasco... which yes I think I am going to register fidgetyknitting on its own, while I thought at first I could maybe cutesy it that way- the deal with satans spawn (ie Godaddy) has made me cranky. When cranky I tend to get stubborn, which includes a large amount of cement forming instantaneously from nowhere around my feet. But probably not till next month- causing further delays. Anyways I still have some more research to find a server that doesn’t break the bank and is nice to work with that will support two URLs (suggestions- Bueller??), decide on which application I will use for the blog (Movable Type, Word Press, Expression Engine etc- go on you know you want to, express yourself. But do not sing Madonna. The time for that song has passed a long time ago, I promise, it was confirmed at a party last Friday- Trust me.), and then of course try to make a cute and catchy design for it (or get someone else to…). Short of all that is that I will still be here for a while with this whole adult life thing KICKING my ass like it is and that hallucination I have been indulging in by buying yarn and thinking that dinners out and retail therapy is the are very good coping strategy. Probably long enough till my procrastinating ass gets pissed off again at another fuck up and goes straight to action. But you all have been warned a migration is in the plans and future prepare yourselves :) Though the present concern is how do we take a frown and turn it upside down?? Well we try to think of something we can do knit or buy (even though retail therapy should be taken off the plate given how much dosh I have tossed down on yarn, shipping costs and the eating out which I MUST STOP DOING even if the absolutely lovely director of the adjoining department or cute coworker invites- well unless he is RILLY cute and then says he'll pay. Then you GO :) But after seeing Rachel’s pancha, I decided that I really do want to make a drop stitch wrap. I can dream of spring, I can too! And what do you know I haven’t a clue any further than that (can we tell that the lace has bitten me in the derrière and kicked the same derrière around the playground too??) And then this lovely blog went and put up info about this sale. Oh all that is good and holy I did not need to see this (for the wrap), or this, or this, or this (which I could use to make this) in my current state! The first thought was to make it in the kidsilk haze I have. But that Zen looks cool, though a bit spendy, would be a fun idea non? I am thinking long and wrapped around me in that glorious French manner. Something thet might keep me from feeling frumpy, spring and frumpy should not go together. Spring and strappy sandals with sophisticated wrap sounds like they fit. Keep dreaming Tink :) At least that saga with my bathroom, you know that one that started WAY back when... that one should be ending on Monday. See something to be positive for and keep my mind off of the visit to the préfecture I am going to have to be subjected to next week.


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