Friday, April 08, 2005

Bounce, Bounce

The new Knitty is up. Yeah yeah I know I am late on this, there is a time difference to take into account people. Anyways, I will say in advance that I find Knitty to be a great online resource! That said, I am kind of left going hmmm... by this edition. That cover photo is one kind of whopper, and not the kind from Burger King either. I know about opening the mind and all, but if I knit it, I want to use it. While there isn’t much that interests me, some of it makes me say WTF actually… I found one thing that I might tempt Le Fate and make a cute-ish tank top using ribbon yarns, I haven’t tried ribbon yarn knitting and another few to use me some of that kidsilk haze to make (or not… I am kind of eh about it). On a further Knitty tangent, I did finally print off all the other patterns from Knitty that I liked for my own “pattern magazine.” Whew, I have taken care of that! And I think Tempting is on the list to be put on some needles very shortly, once a yarn is settled up. It is very clear that I love Cashmerino Aran, but I think that a bit too much for Spring and Summer, which is when I have the full intention of wearing that sucker to work! And I have shifted; all knitting from here forward should be things I can wear during Spring and Summer. The first logical yarn replacement lean MIGHT be to Cotton Cashmere. But that does not float here. I find it odd that Cotton Cashmere is 2€ more than the Cashmerino Aran. So I am thinking (dependant on what people who have used it say… if I can get them to speak up- jolie s’il vous plait avec un cerise?) in the color black (which knocks out one of the lines…) I might go with the new Rowan RYC yarns, that or Cotton Angora or maybe Calmer. Feel free to line up with opinions I like talkative and opinionated people. As for current knitting: Martha is taking revenge, I talked shit about that poncho that a similarly named convict wore and now she is mocking me for it. I have almost finished a sleeve. I say almost because that shoulder shaping has taken a cat o' nine tails to my ass each time I attempt to knit it. I have ripped it back at least three times, since I the omnipotent incompetent can 1. Not read, 2. Not count, 3. Not knit. Luckily thanks to Bonne Marie I found out that there is a knit-a-long being hosted here, maybe I will actually say I am going to participate AND participate! The shock! The horrors! Therefore I have two options to take the bull by the horns (and seriously you see this photo and you decisively say NO to horns, cattle ranch heifer owning family or not) and fight this shoulder shaping tooth and nail. Or I could just start another part of the cardigan. Or I could just start another project. The decisions I, the Empress of Indecision, must face… Actually I have to admit (if you couldn’t guess I am a compulsive confessor), all “lace” is revolting against my desire to do anything involving it. I say this because my second sock that I did on the fly (seriously I did write a few notes and it isn’t a hard deal to follow) is fudgey and in need of a dink back. What gets me with this bugger is how I can think I am on pattern and go 3-4 rounds (of a four row repeat) before I notice that the count is off. I mean this is a patterned deal so it is pretty easy to follow round because of where the holes from before are. And sure I understand you wouldn’t notice on one of the knit rounds… But going back 6 rounds dinking stitch by stitch because you can't for the life of you figure out where things went wrong is annoying and involves profanities. So maybe I should put another project on the needles, one that involves creating no holes and is simple (hence the Tempting idea- Zen round and round of 2X2 rib!). I am in love with the idea of this kind of a top. I am sure it surprises no one that I like it and it helps me (despite it being 9° C today and grey as all griselle is) think that Spring is in the air. Even better it would be great for wearing at work! I am thinking if I ever feel like I am smart enough to figure out how to design something that isn’t me just doing a stitch pattern I might try and figure out how to design the pattern myself… famous last words. Me I am off to work’s TGIF drinks+ (yeah this time I KNOW they will run to the weee hours of the morning), with a tattoo on my forehead for my Polish co-worker. NO VODKA until I am within a 5ft radius of my quartier. That should help me… I hope, damn if he only he wasn’t cute. *note this is posted later due to blogger eating and fucking spitting out my post. Expect a post about that bit soon.


Blogger said...

hope you had a great weekend. i'm actually thinking of knitting tempting too though i'm drowning in my current knits. i really have bitten off more than i can knit. and can't wait to see martha. such a great pattern.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

I've added you to the Martha-along. Sorry it took so long!

4:42 AM  

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