Friday, February 04, 2005

Year of the Rooster and Much More

Well the story is into crow. I was born in the year of the snake and here we go: Despite the odd setback this is a satisfying time in almost every respect-- apart, perhaps, from money. Your efforts are recognized at work (does this mean I get a job?? HUH HUH???), but risky financial ventures should be avoided. Domestic life is harmonious and although social life involves a few difficulties this is a good time for romance (Really cause after a go around with Frenchie who stalked me I am not so sure I am hot to trot on that dating thing... though I did go out last night with a very nice visitor that works with my friend- see below). Find out yours here. Link from Siow-Chin (found through Crayonbrain). Where is the knitting content you ask? Where are the pictures? How I wish I had posts full of pictures again. Where is the laughter- well I did have a good Monday, Tuesday and a KICK ASS Thursday (dude Bill paid for everything I ate meat and drank me the happy juice. I got to smile thanks to my dear, dear friends who have the all important two words. Expense Report :) So I am posting despite the fact that technology is fighting me and my apartment is a big black 190sq ft vortex eating everything I ported across that blasted ocean for a reason. So… until I can find that itsy bitsy memory card that they sell the camera with for the camera (which I haven't been able to download the photos from- because the puter is still comatose and still on the continent) I can't make the scarf parade post really parade like. Nor can I show you the Natalya that I made/in process (trying to figure out what to do on the finger bits, I want fingers, but not sure about plain StSt fingers...) which made me FALL IN LOVE with the Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. I sure wish I knew where to find that stuff on sale, cause I am thinking if one of the "we are recruiting you" interview jobs finally comes through (one of them might be a coup de foudre next week… PLEASE) a Clapotis in black would be great for the in the office toss around item. Nor can I show you how the French (well not the French, but me in France) make waves. In a sock people, actually on a sock (language proofing it teaches you the importance and utter caprice of prepositions). And currently made me barkers on its travel to cover the top of the instep, but I beat it into pulpy submission. That is right people I am back and that sock it is my BITCH. I am now onto sock two my friends, and hoping I have enough yarn to make it match. Socks my friends they are my current passion. Why you ask?? Cause they are time intensive, and not yarn intensive. Two keys in the current political economy I live it. They keep me knitting and help trap that last bit of my sanity that is doing its best impression of a helium balloon. And this pair might just have me going until the next millenium if I ever tried them!! What knitting content I can give you before I turn all social anthropologist, attempting to be humorous on you, I can now tell you I am feeling remorseful shame. Yes I am. Adele posted a link to a French blogger (I need to read more French bloggers I know, the head is already hanging low and swinging to and fro) Laeticia. Laeticia who has finished the Pretty Wrappy Top. OH.MI.GOD. It looks gorgeous! Really go look, I'll wait. What better to make me face up to the shame of my all but the collar finished bits with an offer from a divine person to finish it for me… So tonight I am ripping out the collar (I had a flub in it, it has been in the corner on a time-out for two months and well hey ripping it out means there is more knitting time coming my way…). While watching Nip/Tuck. People why have I never seen this show. I LOVE IT. 1. Julian McMahon- HOT, 2. Funny and 3. Not from the late 1970s (seriously the first sign of the apocalypse (Dallas in French) is upon us. And for reference the second sign is Dynasty in Japanese, and that third horseman is going to be riding in with Knots Landing in Afghani. at that point just let it go there will be nothing you can do) Now for the rest of you I give you the social anthropologists version of a "how to": "How to scare the SHIT out of your visiting friends." First be a really nice friend and take them around town. Play walking tour guide pointing at things. And if they ask you what is that building, and you don't know... Make something up, the more creative the better. Next impress the hell out of your friend with your ability to make a Parisian driver go from a full speed ahead barrelling bullet to a grinding halt; by giving them the eye. It is all in the eye people. And to seal the deal. Be at an intersection with lights that you know direct the circulation of traffic. (Best done at night) Start crossing said intersection and when that vehicle starts edging up to you, giving whole new meaning to the phrase- "don't get all up in my grill..." Pound the vehicle on the hood stare down the driver and yell "FEU VERT" (Green Light in French). For the best added gasping effect the hood should be attached to an RATP (Parisian local transport) Bus. Yeah people I have balls the size of Jupiter. I can cross the streets in Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, and Mexico City without blinking an eye.


Anonymous Emma said...

Those entralac socks are amazing !
You really make me laugh - stopping traffic by giving the driver the eye ! Bet that works in Italy too. ;-]
Have a great weekend,and good luck with the job hunting.

12:06 AM  
Blogger claudia said...

Balls the size of what? Remind me not to piss you off.

4:19 AM  
Blogger Stinkerbell said...

Emma I learned in Spain when I was little, I practiced in Cairo (where crossing the street is like playing Virtural Frogger- child of 80s LOVED me my Atari and Commadore 64 baybee!!! :) and I perfected it in Italy. You don't live there 3 times and not learn the rules :)

Oh and Claudia, 1 I doubt you would ever truly piss me off, and 2. If you did there would be enough warning to RUN before I blew so I think you are ok :)

2:08 PM  
Blogger benedetta said...

Ah, il traffico italiano! il miglior allenamento alla sopravvivenza sulla faccia della Terra!

It makes me smile when Bostonians or NewYorkers worry about me crossing a street in the city....

4:02 PM  

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