Monday, January 24, 2005

What is Brewing??

First of all we need to collectively all think the same subliminal thought and send in the direction of Paris, La Defence, Tour Europe OK?? I don't ask much and I try to entertain but really we all need to tell the people I interviewed with today who said they will be calling tomorrow "HEY YOU- YES YOU, GIVE TINK THE JOB NOW!!!" It is in EVERYONE'S best interests I promise. Now to the knitting in a frenzy known as, I need the job NOW!!! I have finished almost all of my "stash" yarn that I could make into something. The too small, but not too small shawl is done. The pulse warmers I am offering up as a goodie to the first person who asks for them are done. The scarf parade, they are done too. The hat done. Serious I am running out of projects (well ones I have yarn for). Actually I already have. And as for stash there isn't much left that isn't a remnant. And I am now located at uncreative indecision central (trying not to feed teh hope addict). WHAT THE HELL TO KNIT NOW??* So I am posing it to you the intelligent people of the blogosphere, should you care to speak up with any input. I have 2 newly hand ball wound hanks of alpaca (232 yds, 112 m) that I would like to knit into something. Cause seriously I just about cried last night as I couldn't figure out anything to knit. MUST KNIT. I have a ball of Anny Blatt Muguet (impulse purchase of plasticy in a cool way novelty yarn with lots of yardage) that has no idea attached to it. I have one ball of Silk Garden that I am either thinking mittenettes or beanie hat (problem being that I like hats to cover my ears well). And I have 2 balls each of Phildar Laine in Green and Black. They were bought with the idea of using the Phildar Hommes pattern to make a hat doubling one of each color up. I might still do that unless someone else has a better idea. And I have the one ball of GGH Mohair that I am battling with to get it to conform into a Vine and Lace scarf that after having to dink back 2 rows for every 7 makes me want to SCREAM. That said if I get the job... I can spice things up, I can buy yarn!!!! So remember please think good thoughts and maybe the next post will be ecstatically yarn spiced! *note in no way is this post to be misinterpreted as pleas for anything, except ideas :) I really do need to figure out what to make with two hanks of alpaca, cause it is pretty and I want to knit again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am chanting "give Tink the job, give Tink the job..."

Good golly! you'll give something you knit away? You're great and should be amply rewarded by getting that job!
What to do with the alpaca? The Wavy scarf at, opera scarf (free pattern)at Blue Sky Alpacas site, a soft bag with a drawstring to hold more yarn? Anyway, I'll keep up my chant. (Can you include a pic of La Defence when you get the job?) Fantastic luck to you. and thanks for wonderful blog reading.
Terry in SF

8:24 PM  
Blogger said...

sending good job vibes your way! that alpaca sounds lovely. hmm i'll have to think about a pattern, but you'll probably have a pattern before i figure out something. so many choices (ok that was no help, hee hee) take care!

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tink!
Oh man I am sending you GOODJOB HAPPYJOB NEWJOB vibes across the sea for you today.
As for alpaca... what do you think about another pair of wristers? I love the ones here: Or, what about the ruffles scarf from scarf style? I did that in alpaca and it was heaven. [Is it copyright infringement if you jot down the pattern from a bookstore copy? I suppose prolly so.]
Or what about a cowl to keep your neck warm in the cold?
Crap. I hope someone out there has better ideas. I have orphaned alpaca too. I'll check back.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Don't forget the Voodoo wristwarmers and perhaps even the Nakiska headband both in Knitty. It's SO hard trying to think of patterns when you're thinking subliminal thoughts at the same time, but I'm doing it anyway!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

How about Voodoo wristwarmers and maybe a Nakiska headband both from Knitty. It's SO hard trying to think of patterns whilst doing subliminal thoughts at the same time, but here goes anyway.

3:28 PM  

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