Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No Hangers here

Thank you so much for those of you who put out a good thought or two. I really do believe in the power of good thoughts, and I know they will continue on for me. Luckily they were prompt and therefore I can be too. I didn't get the position. I fumed and steam poured off the top of my head for the way the administrative officer gave the telephone PFO (please fuck off letter). The injustice of having too much external experience and not enough internal experience really is chaping my ass. I mean the tits are already tied in a knot, why you gotta go grating them in the parmesan spinner?? You know what you can do with that catch 22?? Shove it- ou il n'y a pas de soleil! That said, I didn't have exactly the best feeling on it when I left the interview, nor when I woke up at 3 this morning, nor in the subsequent 4 hours I attempted to meditate on it, and couldn't install a positive vision of it for my minds eye. It is their loss in all honesty, and in my keep your chin up kind of mood, I am sure it is just because there is something better waiting for me. But I would have taken it as I am up to taking any damn thing they have right now if it will get me INSIDE the organisation again. And I can blame it on this, I knew there had to be a reason! Cause it sure as hell couldn't be moi you know! In my attempt to not hold onto this and to open up for the next opportunity that I hope will move this way soon, I bring you the silvery/green lining in the cloud. The position that shafted me earlier this month (do not ask- it was when Shiva bitchslapped me with all eight arms at once), asked to reconsider my CV and I have subsequently been shortlisted. It would involve a move (to Geneva), but is directly on what I researched. There is a chance, but we do not hold our breathe anymore Chez Tink. I like wearing plummy tones, being panicky purple is not my style however. Nor are we allowed on the visit to the insanity zoo to feed the hope addict. Since I have nothing else, and still haven't decided what to do with the orphaned alpaca I give you the Lemming post. Yes I am metaphorically jumping off Pont Neuf (No Claudia, not for real :) Look Ma it's my blogs first meme (I don't usually do these but at this point I say "Why not?") Courtesy of Nake-id Knits. You are now about to be introduced to a product whore. But trust me it is all about the product and not the name or packaging Chez Tink! Grooming Products • Shampoo: I rotate em- Nizoral (US prescription level) for when the scalp gets all pissy on me. PhytoRhum for when I want to smell the Eggnog smell and add a bit of care to the hair. Frederic Fekkai Red Color Shampooing, needed to keep the balance since the last color job that was supposed to take me back to redhead natural, went a bit too brown. And his apple cider vinegar rinse if I have any build up. For good measure I am including my conditioner too- which is ALL IMPORTANT, is Bumble and Bumble Super Rich. This is the swimmers god send! • Moisturizer: Again let's rotate em- Mornings after toner, are for Mario Badescu Moisture Magnet Pentavitamin with SPF. This is the worlds best stuff. I can't say enough about it! Dry skin over here loves it. Evening- Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer (used in combination with Bobbi Brown's Special Line Dry Skin cream for the nights where I want to wake up with cheeks that feel like a baby's bottom) • Cologne: Rotation is the name of the game in the Chez Tink Product Whore Cabinet of love- Summer time is Fresh's Hesperides. Winter is Korres Vanilla and Cinnamon. For the real deal perfumies Thierry Mugler's Angel and Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle are spritzed regularly. • Razor: Whatever I have or was the cheapest • Toothpaste: Oh Toms of Maine Cinnamint toothpaste how I love you and force all my friends to smuggle you for me! Electronics • Cell phone: Italian Siemens cheapie • Computer: HUNK OF JUNK Comatose Dell Inspiron some piece of shit number (we are not on good terms right now, as you might guess...) • Television: What came with the furnished flat I am living in • Stereo: Umm don't have one, I used the laptop for that. I now listen to radio through the TV... Home • Sheets: I prefer Flannel and Jersey, but am currently using a draped fleece blanket. • Coffee maker: I don't drink coffee but I have a Bialetti (hey I lived in Italy!) for those who do • Car: I dont have one, I have the Métro. Why drive a car (which I would love to be a Mini or LandRover Freelander if I had to have a car) when you can be psychoanalysed on the Métro free of charge?? • Stationery: Cranes or handmade my friends Beverages • Milk and Juice (nectars if possible, unless it is cranberry)- they are the choice of prefered drinkers in this neck of the woods. • Bottled water: The Franprix stuff, it's cheap and I do better drinking out of a bottle. • Coffee: Have I told you how this stuff puts me to sleep. Serious seven sips of a Latte and I am OUT COLD. • Vodka: Grey Goose, Absolut (it is after all vodka, and vodka is good for you!). Anything but that college-reminiscing $4 for a gallon, rubbing alcohol Monarch shit. Dude I am so not Kitty Dukakis. • Beer: I am not a beer girl but BELGIAN beers are a whole other issue. I love me the Chimenay and Lambics. And on need of "beer drinking," I can pour down a Desperado too. Clothes • Jeans: Gap Long and Lean (hemmed up cause I am not LONG) and Banana Republic . French Connection has a kick ass pair, but I can't afford them (yet!) • T-shirt: French Connection, Banana Republic, and H&M are my current favorites. • Briefcase or Tote: I haven't got one, I am waiting for the job and then I am going to head to Levenger and get me one, that or be French chic and go to Longchamps. • Sneakers: Nike or New Balance • Watch: Ironman Triathalon watch, and after that I want a one that I can wear with dress clothes- but haven't decided on one, let alone found one. Favorite Places • Seattle • Italy (Bologna, Roma, Firenza, Venezia, Trieste, the whole damn place!) • Paris (OF COURSE) • On a plane travelling somewhere • In the water snorkelling or diving Necessary Extravagances • Currently broke and not permitted any; but if I could it would be yarn and good wine.

Monday, January 24, 2005

What is Brewing??

First of all we need to collectively all think the same subliminal thought and send in the direction of Paris, La Defence, Tour Europe OK?? I don't ask much and I try to entertain but really we all need to tell the people I interviewed with today who said they will be calling tomorrow "HEY YOU- YES YOU, GIVE TINK THE JOB NOW!!!" It is in EVERYONE'S best interests I promise. Now to the knitting in a frenzy known as, I need the job NOW!!! I have finished almost all of my "stash" yarn that I could make into something. The too small, but not too small shawl is done. The pulse warmers I am offering up as a goodie to the first person who asks for them are done. The scarf parade, they are done too. The hat done. Serious I am running out of projects (well ones I have yarn for). Actually I already have. And as for stash there isn't much left that isn't a remnant. And I am now located at uncreative indecision central (trying not to feed teh hope addict). WHAT THE HELL TO KNIT NOW??* So I am posing it to you the intelligent people of the blogosphere, should you care to speak up with any input. I have 2 newly hand ball wound hanks of alpaca (232 yds, 112 m) that I would like to knit into something. Cause seriously I just about cried last night as I couldn't figure out anything to knit. MUST KNIT. I have a ball of Anny Blatt Muguet (impulse purchase of plasticy in a cool way novelty yarn with lots of yardage) that has no idea attached to it. I have one ball of Silk Garden that I am either thinking mittenettes or beanie hat (problem being that I like hats to cover my ears well). And I have 2 balls each of Phildar Laine in Green and Black. They were bought with the idea of using the Phildar Hommes pattern to make a hat doubling one of each color up. I might still do that unless someone else has a better idea. And I have the one ball of GGH Mohair that I am battling with to get it to conform into a Vine and Lace scarf that after having to dink back 2 rows for every 7 makes me want to SCREAM. That said if I get the job... I can spice things up, I can buy yarn!!!! So remember please think good thoughts and maybe the next post will be ecstatically yarn spiced! *note in no way is this post to be misinterpreted as pleas for anything, except ideas :) I really do need to figure out what to make with two hanks of alpaca, cause it is pretty and I want to knit again!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Face of Death

True leadership was demonstrated by FDR who cancelled all inauguration events because the country was recovering from an economic depression and at war. This is all about symbolism, and that of an ego- not the good of the nation. Living in France I have been taught the new meaning of solidarity, its true components. I can be against this president and support the dear and brave friends I know and their corps. This is solidarity.

Monday, January 17, 2005

It is Miss Peacock

In the itsy bitsy studio with a set of circular needles! Since I have been on the not alltogether voluntary "holiday break" mode I did in fact finish knitting a sweater. And have had enough of the tacky not so interesting cliff hanger. I had to get out of the flat to straighten out the electricity bill (look Ma new French vocabulary!) and stopped to post up the results. All I am going to say, in defense of my needs to be improved photo abilities, is keep me away from the turkeys. I have got to be the world's worst baster I tell you! But I am also impatient and wanted to see how it was going to look as I was a bit on the nervous end of some dimensions. I shouldn't have been, but I am not that perfect in the whole sizing department and neither are Rowan patterns that helpful. In my delurking measure that really didn't delurk people or get guesses; I have for the one correct "guesser" (Ms. Eggplant Diva herself; send me your addy and I will get a postie and French candy off in the post to you, hopefully this week). Ding Ding Ding: for the rest of you- we have a finished Fern. I wish I could say it was Pretty Wrappy Top but in all honesty that pattern and the collar in particular have had me banging my head against the wall. And I have already been a life long contestant in the un-hel,eted stud game for years. I need a break from that whirly-go-round. We already have enough angst Chez Tink at the present and really we don't want to whine about it; nor do we want reminders about it. Let's all not feed the hope addict right now; she has a trial teaspoon in her and really is still in detox and trying to recover from the bout with the Funk. So for right now Pretty Wrappy Top is not striking the resonant cords. Fern on the other hand did; notice that DID; thats cause her knitting is all DONE. I finished a sweater that Im a gonna wear fer real!! That whole thing is kinda exciting. I zoomed right along on her; finishing her around New Year's Day I think. I actually like the pink even when it is made into a frilly edge (contrary to feminist tidings that a certain Harlot has felt; and my associated childhood trauma with the color pink; I now find it to be an ironic color, and am willing to occassionally let it in the closet); and the Kid Classic went over way better than I was expecting. The yardage on that stuff is amazing! The pattern went along ok. There was an initial flub up. And I worked it to this point before I thought to my non-Einstein self; hey self, I bet it's not supposed to look like that. I am still left wondering if I did the wrapped stitch right (current thoughts are negative ghost rider, but with out prisoners attached) and what function it has in the design; but I fixed it so it looked better and continued forward. Holy Pop Rocks Batman that Fern front made my frontal lobe throb!!! I had to fudge on some things; particularly in that whole gotta love of pattern writer jargon- reverse to match other side. Erm Bueller... then we had a length is not matching issue from one front to the other. I guess stress screws up a row gauge issue. EVIL EVIL I tell you. I had to figure out how to redistribute the increases decreases etc. That said and all mussing about, I can't tell a difference between the two fronts except one is a hair shorter (pre-blocking) to the other. I have blocked the sleeves and back; still trying to figure out how to or if to block the fronts. But hey it is a finished sweater. (Nope, still no better at the self photos and no pro like my new favorite read) Now to see if a friendly offer still holds, get back to the shawl and figure out what to make with two hanks of alpaca... As for that shawl- I have decided to go forward, block it out a bit, and have a smaller shawl. I haven't picked it back up but that is what tonight is for. I quite simply could not face the thought of dinking or ripping back all that work. And since I have a minifridge with an incompetent freezer, I had no clue how I was going to get this mohair to behave. It no longer seems as bad as it once did. I extended it with the Denise Set to see the real width and though well... Let's all just breathe and think it might look good. So here we go back to garter stitch - WHEE. Oh and a gratuitous photo of the mittenettes that are going to go into the post to Spiffy (my mother's nickname); once I can get myself there... Right now I am going to go exert positive energy into the universe so that teaspoon of hope will help me turn the notch down on the freak out paranoia alert that has been at code orange lately.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

And Now We ALL Cry

Beyond my slight bout with the blues over here (thank you for the good wishes, I got bitchslapped like Shiva again yesterday and knowing nice thoughts are coming around occasionally keeps me from jumping from the third floor window :) Houston we have a potential knitting disaster. I have this slight theory: if I have everything in my life a mess and I avoid things, then the good things I am hoping to wrangle into line either aren't going to happen or are going to take their ever loving time. The big one is I will not get things if my dishes aren't done. Don't try to make sense of the universe or my thought patterns, your head will explode; Just follow along. So you know that fiddly mohair yarn (70% Kid/30% Silk) that I have been using to knit the neverending shawl... Well after cleaning up the flat and doing the dishes (but not the laundry- THAT has to be why shiva used all 8 arms instead of one last night!) I attacked the shawl. Me Ally McBeal, Little House on the Prairie, and the love of a good god The Pretender and LAW AND ORDER (share the one joyous moment in my day and savour it, it's all I got right now) knit our way through close to half of that original hank (making pace on 2/3 of what I had left). And in a momentary second of "brilliance" and "joy" I noticed that I had about 1/4 of a hank left. The glee of that lead me to look at the size of the shawl (that was in crumpled/shoved knitting fashion). It was not looking even REMOTELY close to shawl size. Hesitantly I took out the measuring tape and in 3 seconds I knew I was WAY off. So kind of freaking out a bit I pulled out the hank wrap pattern. It was simple enough (I THOUGHT); CO 3, YO increase each row, garter stitch. Go! Right... thought is the imperative word there. I THOUGHT I read it clear enough, but I looked at it again. And this time I actually READ it and PAID ATTENTION. You know what? I am using OH THE FUCK SO WRONG needles. How wrong you ask?? Well I usually go down a size in needles on most everything, so I took that into the initial consideration. I pulled out the Denise needles when I started cause it was the only set of needles I have that were going to be long enough. Do you know what size Denise needles are marked in?? US SIZES. One guess on the problem... Here is a hint- Do you know what size the pattern needles are marked in?? MOTHER FREAKING MM's. The difference between a US size 5 and a suggested 6mm puts us into the HELL of the G-Word. Currently it is on track to be a decent depth, one I could live with- but Houston we have a girth issue. Even blocking the ever loving lamb (or goat in this case) out of it I am not seeing this shawl hit it's listed measurements and I am not sure of its fit (we are currently at preblocked 32" they state it should grow to 70"). So just as I was starting to like it, I have the feeling that the shawl might be heading for the crapper. This yarn and its loopy self practically felts to itself before I can knit it (hence knitting from a non wound hank which for the record = pain.in.my.ass). Therefore the idea of ripping it back is really only a plausible option if I delve deeper into desperation and hell. Besides since it is loop yarn I dont know if it would reknit after ripping... Isn't life a bitch sometimes? Most of the times?? Stop there Tink. Just as I am hitting the "I want to finish this" stride, I have put the project (Fleece Artist Goldie locks Triangle Shawl) aside. But in a delurking measure, I would like to put it out to you. Fill up the comments to shore up the comment monster's deflated ego. That is right I am giving up the comments for commisseration and conseil (well opinions- but I was on an aliteration role and I confuse all my languages now into one- Tinkerbell Talk). As for the yarn/fabric, it is pretty stretchy, though I have no clue what blocking it to hell and back would do to the finished project. Do I give it up? Do I send it to a child? Do I finish it and leave it alone? Bueller the options?? Oh and to further delurk people and drag out the drama of the finished sweater... go ahead and post your guess as to which sweater (Pretty Wrappy Top or Fern) I have finished. Postcard from Paris to the first correct 5-10 entries. (EDITED NOTE: If you guess either leave your site or email or send it to me using the EMAIL ME bit. So I can contact you- I have stupid blogger comments for right now and well otherwise can't touch back to you) Bon Chance a TOUS!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Mission "Get Your Fat Ass Out of the Flat"

Ok so the recent silence has been less to do with material or holidays and is more related to certain circumstances and my corresponding defense mechanisms. Things Chez Tink are pretty stressful right about now. I feel idiotic saying anything that remotely resembles complaining given the storms in Scandinavia and the Tsunami in SE Asia. I am alive and I knew that I was potentially facing this month of hell to make a glimmering hope come true. I don't complain about that which I willingly and knowingly enter. And in reality I have been facing this same hell and it's likewise relatives for the past 2+ years in on and off cycles over 6 weeks to 4 months periods. But I am worn down, I am cracking at the foundations and this time there is a more serious nature to it. The face has black eyes and certain finalities that crash a small corner of my soul. All said I am about 1.5 days away from the bleeding phase of my ulcer and as close as I have ever gotten to my knit's end. The defense mechanisms combined do however make for great blog fodder. See I knit to try and distract my cognizant grey matter away from the doom and gloom/fried green tomato loop. And because there is a partial financial aspect to my agitation, I go no where/do nothing. Which in combination results in me watching inordinate amounts of mediocre to pitiable television. Seriously there is no DC spin doctor who can twist the pathetic nature of watching a Danielle Steel mini-series into language acquisition. You have stooped to a whole new level and the only potential and parital salvation is that you knit through it. That mechanism is thankfully tempered on occassion by great friends who take you out. And random cute Portuguese men who buy you wine. Make that LOTS of wine. And should such an evening ever happen to you- make sure, before plunging into at least three bottles of good red plonk (for just you), with the glee of a three yearold who just found out her bathtub was full of smurf gummi candies, that you have more than an ashtray of peanuts and an icecream in you. Because, speaking from experience and as the sole possessor of two hollow legs which I have used to drink NFL linebackers under the table; NO quantity of alcoholic Irish genes are going to save (or pad for that matter) your "skipping down the cobblestone lane" ass. Trust me and please never forget rule #1. EAT FIRST. It does however give one a much better reason for the nausea that accompanied waking up than the fact that your television turned itself on and blared Baywatch Hawaii at you (which is a valid reason in and of itself to be nauseaous). True story- please pray for me now. But it does mean that stress levels and crashing griselle aside I can now tell you about what all I have knit over the last week. Pictures at a later date (I know quelle surprise). Winter may not have really come to Paris, but it is snowing in my flat. That angora I posted about in the last post (which isn't felted to my fleece blanket) has since been knit into a lovely textured ribbed (for her pleasure) scarf. It behaved reasonably while knitting and has a pretty halo, but it sheds worse than a golden retriever-border collie cross. I momentarily contemplated giving it to my mother. Currently I am having second thoughts, shedding and all. Its purdy and oh so soft. Yup I have renewed my fetish with my New Year's resolutions... Progress continues with the never ending shawl. It is well over half way done. And if the current situation doesn't let up soon I give it 2 more avoidance projects and about 3 days before it is a fait accompli. After the shawl I started avoidance project #1 (or was it because of the shawl...) A certain VERY special someone gave me some Biggie Wool. I had not a clue what to make with it. I am stressed not creative, therefore I started a ribbed sock hat, and will make mittenettes to go with it from the other ball. It's been one hell of a long time since I have knit anything that thick. Even knitting it DENSE on 6.5mm dpn's, I still feel like I am playing a game of pick up sticks with broomstick handles. Though I love the yarn, those HONKER needles! It doesn't knit as fast as expected, not sure what to say or think on the status of that... Avoidance Project #2 follows in the CHUNKY yarn trend. This must be to counter teh thin fiddly nature of the shawl yarn. If nothing else it is one hell of a contrast. So this time I started a pair of mittenettes. Not to match the hat but out of "stash" Polar that I have had for ever with no clue what to make out of one ball each of two colors. I fudged around what I knew of mittenette construction and made your basic mittenette with your basic cable (creative.not.here). And basically I like them. Enough that the other ball of "stash" Polar became another pair of em. This is inspite of the fact that Einstein over here made two right mittenettes the first time round. And if Mother is not destined for a scarf, she will get mittenettes in one of these colors. And last but not least in the spirit of the shitty television I have been watching WAY TOO MUCH OF. I bid you adieu with a tasteless "cliff hanger," until next time I counqueor me the Mission "Get Your Fat Ass Out of the Flat." The hanger- one of my sweaters is completely off the needles. Yup stress means LOTS of knitting, but it deserves a post of it's own. Though I do promise 3 other posts back entered teh next time as I will be at free university internet time, and hopefully a few pictures too. I hate to leave you hanging but I do have the feeling you will survive. Now let's hope I do :)