Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Pictures and Only Pictures

Well pictures with a bit of text but not much. So in some kind of holiday spirit the technology god paired with the apartment troll (you know the one who hides things in the vortex I call my flat??) to give me a nice little cadeau. My digital camera USB cord has been found! So without further ado I give you photos, photos, and more photos. Note though that they are links as they are all still HUGE resolution- ie non-modified. The computer is still comatose and dude it was a Holiday GIFT not Miracle. Gratuitous Parisian Photo: I love Paris, I love taking pictures of it and this is one from walking home late at night. St. Germain Parc Yarn for you! No ME: See this angora. It is what I got at the Bon Marche TBM sale. It screams fuzzy, soft, warm. Make me into a scarf it says. Should I be frightened that the yarn talks to me?? Nah, I didn't think so. Scarf: Look it is another started and finished during the blog item. It is the Tutti Frutti Scarf. I don't know what to think of it but it is done. And it does not go with red... DC: Well this is a sweater I found at Nordys that I SOOOO wanted; I should have just gotten it but I have been stricken with the "I could make that disease." This is another picture of it, and for the record that is a white shirt, not my pasty skin. But in honesty the color isn't too far off. Sun oh where for art thou... This is me in Lara at Knit Happens. It isn't figure flattering per se but I am still in love with her. The style is great for lounging and well ALPACA SILK!!! My Cabled Hat: There are two pictures here. This is the Me in my cable hat for three days photo. And the other is the Look Froggy I do not always take good self mirror photos. TOLD YOU SOO!!! :) Now onto some travels- Stockholm Jeeves: Here is a few of the town. This is in Gamla Stan, by the American Store that sells Strawberry Fluff. When did that become Yankee and all that?? This is me by the Riksdag in my favorite hat. This is a pretty view with OH MI GOD SUN in DECEMBER!! It was such good weather while I was there. It was taken from the Soder "cliffs." This is a cute square in a part of town I can vaguely remember the name of but not enough to put my ass on the line for it. St. Lucia: I went to hear the singing and laugh at the kids. It was really pretty and well worth it! These are two of my favorites from the photos I took. Still "Traveling": So what did I do for Xmas. I spent it by myself. But I crammed in with every other person you can imagine to go to Xmas Eve mass at Notre Dame. I have lots to say but will save that for another day. Here are some of the pictures of the church, the people, the arches (I love Norman Arches), lighting and the Tree. And for added measure the me doing my holiday impression of a drenched rat from the torrential down pour of the walk home. Now to the Knitting Projects: So first we have a pile of Phildar that is still in Time Out. Next we have munchkin mittens. They are supposed to be snakes (they are left overs from the christmas cabled hat assembly line). They do need google eyes to be finished though and I need to sew em up. On to the shawl. This yarn was a part of my SP3 gift. It has a I am stupid I can read this pattern (1 yarn over increase at each end in garter stitch) kind of feel to it. Colors are turning out kind of interesting. I started it yesterday and we are at stage of enduring time. 100 stitches and dragging. But hey that fast fix was needed. And last but not least we have Fern. Here is a photo of the Kid Classic. And the following two photos are hasty and really bad pictures of a sleeve and the back of Fern. I have started a front but that is another post in the working and well no photos yet. So that should be enough to make the photo happy happy. If not take a look here. My best wishes for a Wonderful New Year and positive affirmations for achieving all of our hopes and dreams in 2005. Especially a certain one or two that well I am crossing some body parts over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your traveling pics are absolutely amazing! and love projects in progress look great! so many gorgeous shots. and that kid classic color is wonderful. take care! wishing you all the best in 2005!

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got your package!!! I'm so happy!!! I hope you liked everything in there :)

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok now, i couldn't get all of the pics to load before so i'm back to see this "had to get" sweater and i just love it. and your cable hat is so cool. i gotta get into cables. you just wouldn't believe how many of your statements ring in my ear when i look at certain patterns that i have always steered away from (now on my to knit list). and you DO always take great mirror shots of yourself. that reminds me i have to cast on for lara soon. take care!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that sweater from Nordys and the angora is to die for! Happy Holidays!


3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy! Glad you got the photo-posting ability back. That angora is HEAVEN on a ball. Holy cow. And I am totally loving all of your "scenes" from across the pond! Happy new year!

4:25 PM  
Blogger Amelia said...

Bonne Annee! The pictures are all lovely and I am dreadfully France-sick all of a sudden. As for the yarn, well that's making me yarn-sick too, I would love to be able to spend a few hours in a Phildar store... May 2005 bring you plenty of happiness, smiles and good friends. A. xx

8:31 PM  

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