Thursday, November 25, 2004

Shes Baaaaaa-aaack

And damn if she isnt tired! So this is going to be a short one. I made it across the pond safe and sound. Stayed at the most super ghetto hotel ever, builds character and had my mother rolling around at the descriptions. I went to the French Consulate. Things were kind of resolved. Not perfectly but better than before in some ways. UGH, if I see another French bureaucrat this week though I am chaining them to the table and playing sniper target practice with their asses (no going to the Ministry or Etrangeness tomorrow, I guess). I then went to the Spanish consulate- which told me I will have to keep playing call the 200 person town in Spain where my grandfather was born or go there myself. Let's not ask me how I feel about consulates m'kay... I visited Knit Happens and it was wonderful. I should have warned them that I am usually late :) I got to see Wendy spin and ply and the gorgeous Ingrid sweater. Phyl-Phyl (don't know the blog addy) petted the plyed yarn and would not let it go; she also just about fainted when I told her the size of my apartment here in Paris. Erica told me I looked taller in my blog and has a delicious Clapotis. Kristine does some great poses in the store for that Gloria photo shoot. Froggy has to be quite possibly the SWEETEST person ever- she brought me a RAOK!! And last but not least Carol has taken to calling me "Hey Midget Girl" (which ties in so well with the you are shorter than I thought :) Sadly enough I responded. I knit one of the collars most of the way over before it started to truly confound me. There was no wine in the general vicinity so I was stuck. Though there were paperbag "wine-o's" by the hotel. And by the time I got it to Knit Happens my Tourettes was popping up everytime I looked at the pattern. So instead I said fugged about it. I let people touch Cecilia, and I decided to wander around the store, sit and chat. Excitingly, I got to try on a Lara; color, size and project determined. The yellow is buttah!! And I love me my buttah. (And if I ever win the Lotto I think I am making Frieda in the Pink, because I like the brighter pink now and pink remains an ironic color). Kristine also let me see Cate and after some rigging I think it will become the pink Moonsoon look-a-like sweater, color and yarn to be determined. So I bought that pattern and a ball of Silk Garden to make this beanie. I did a small bit of shopping on the money I do not have. Come on, the dollar was finally worth something to me and after the consulates I needed retail therapy. I finally got a book to read that does not involve varieties of capitalism, comparative welfare restructuring, labor market regulations and concertive negotiations or trends in female employment. I will be reading John Adams and Reading Lolita in Tehran!! For the LOVE of a Nordstroms!!! I got a pair of shoes, some moisturizer, face scrub, and concelear. YEAH, will look human again. I also headed to a grocery store (the Safeway at the Watergate building is subpar in their selection) to get some things for me and requests from local friends. And then scrambled my way to the airport about 5 hours early in my paranoia. I landed about 5 hours ago local time and have to admit I didn't get any knitting done on the return flight. I was still cursing the collar pattern, I couldn't figure it out (and will have to rip) and since I was on local DC time with a 9:45pm flight and had had a tiresome day- I immediately fell asleep. For the whole flight; it is the first time I have slept the whole way through an international flight. I did manage to get my chest felt up going through security- yes cause you couldn't guess that was an underwire bra?? Yes it all makes so much erm... sense. And safety. So with that, I will post up more about the whole deal later. I had no jet lag on the way back to the states but this direction is going to be another story. As I have no inclination to spend the next two weeks playing the role of Vampira, it is almost time to go drug myself so I sleep through tonight too. But first a shower and a face scrub, and maybe a Silk Garden cast on :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you made it home safely. It was fabulous to meet you. Quite a treat. Your blog is always quite entertaining and now I totally understand why it can be nothing else but that. You are hilarious and after talking to you I have picked out a few "stinkerbell inspired" knits. You're fearless! Take care!

8:51 PM  
Blogger claudia said...

Babe, going to Europe from here is HELL with the jet lag thingy, isn't it?? Just don't take the drugs before the cast-on, k??

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the sad part was reading your blog AFTER I'd called you Midget Girl to see that your last post was titled "Midget Alert."


3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you made it home safely!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time in the States too :)
Hope you get your package soon :(

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to meet you! I stand by my claim - you do indeed look taller in your blog pictures. But it's good to meet a fellow petite person.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Bachlva said...

Sounds like fun! I so wish I could visit. Someday... I'll migrate to the colder side of the US... ;)

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, I missed so much by actually taking my day off from KH! LOL! I'm really sorry that I missed meeting you - I've heard so much about the day and it sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun. C'est la vie! It's so good to know that you're back, safe and sound. :)


5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Stink! So bummed that I missed you. I'm glad that you had a productive trip -- any time you get to do business and shop for yarn and cosmetics, I mark that a success!
Glad you made it back safe.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time at Knit Happens! Wish there was a good, chummy yarn store in L.A., I've been looking...

- MJ

10:21 PM  

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