Saturday, November 20, 2004

Midget Alert- on the Horizon

To All DC area people. Run, Hide the Midget is Invading!!!!! Consider that your warning. Chaos has broken free, the odds have flipped and the impossible has happened. I at the last second it turns out beat French Bureaucracy but not completely into the pulp I would have preferred. No Martha Stewart holiday form molded French Bureaucracy for me... I still have to take my ass back to the States to get this Visa resolved. However I no longer have to do so with the flippant bureaucrat in Atlanta, but DC instead. And he sounded infinitely nicer (and it is infinitely less expensive), when I was throwing panicked French and English at him to get a guarantee if I came he would give it. On the upside I had a return leg of my flight here I could use to get me there. This made it a possiblity and kept me within the law. As long as I can get my student status verified the return ticket has been taken care of. My mother is letting me use her points (I think...) and at last I left her she was muttering about me staying in the Arlington Sheraton. Hope I can get around easily from there. Here is the partial itinerary: Today I leave for Brussels to visit a friend before someone in teh family takes me to the airport tomorrow morning to fly out to DC. I land at IAD in the afternoon. I might try to just head straight to the Nordstroms (gift certificate!!) and get me my moisturizer. My skin NEEDS it. And my concealar. I have no plans for that evening at all. Except for a grocery store run and making calls to 1-800 numbers that dont charge me. Monday morning at 8:30 I am at the French Consulate on Reservoir Rd! From what I have been told it is out there but hopefully I can figure out the transport system. I will wander on Monday evening, or if something in Visa land goes wrong (seriously Murphy I will be working on teh F- You cable sweater the flight over. Just go ahead ad F-off already), I will be chaining the Vice Consul to his desk so I can start sniper practice using his ass as a target. On Tuesday I go to visit the Spanish Consulate. And hopefully get me a birth certificate ordered. Yes that would be good. After that I brave figuring out the DC Metro as I know it should take me from Foggy Bottom over to Alexandria somehow. All so that I can drool on yarn at Knit Happens for an afternoon of knitting. After which I am supposed to try and meet my Mother's friend who has just moved into a one bedroom condo so can't put me up but might take me out to dinner. Alternatively I will sit in a book shop and gorge myself on cranberry juice and cranberry orange muffins. For Wednesday all given that I dont have to put out any consular fires... PLEASE I will head to a Smithsonian or something and tehn get to the airport many many many hours early, check any shit and read a book or knit any items before flying back to Paris. As for the rest of insanity. I have a new motto that that doesnt kill me, makes me want to kill others. The hyperventilating is subsiding but I am still working my way up to master fire brigadeer. Things have mostly fallen into place just a hang up here or there to fix. I HOPE. All pretty wrappy top parts should be finished here by the time I get back in my dazed and confused status. And I will hopefully churn out some more and read a bit. And with that I have to run as my train leaves in 2 hours and still have to get back to the flat, finish packing and to the train station. Bon Voyage!!


Blogger Rossana said...

Welcome to DC! Should you get this message before Tuesday's adventures, the metro system website is at and you can plug in coordinates from there. From Foggy Bottom, you'd take the Blue Line Train toward Franconia-Springfield and get off at the King Street Stop. If you need to transfer from the subway to the bus, remember to rip off a little paper transfer ticket from the machine that's usually near the top of the escalators when you are inside the turnstiles. That will reduce your bus fare usually down to 25 cents. Carry exact change as I don't think the drivers carry change. Ask the driver, if he doesn't automatically give you one, for another bus transfer ticket. You can use that within so many hours for your return trip. Knit Happens is about 8 blocks away from the station in Old Town Alexandria. There should be signs. You can either stroll leisurely down the pleasant street, or if it's raining, wait for a DASH bus and let the driver know you want to be dropped off at the intersection of Washington St. At the intersection, cross over Washington Street and go left to Knit Happens which is just beyond the Ann Taylor store and the Aveda salon. Good luck!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck !
Hope it all goes well.Enjoy your visit to Knit Happens.
Remember to breathe !

[Emma & Co.]

7:34 PM  

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