Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Take A Good Look

Cause *this* is the closest you are probably ever going to see me to SPEECHLESS. Ok now that cognitive speech has been restored... brace yourself for link central. I am here to tell you I have been RAOK’ed with in one itsy bitsy centimetre of my life. Were all the nice things with school, even if they are putting a heaping on my plate enough? That echo you hear would be a resounding NO. When it rains it pours. It’s raining men- Hallelujah; no Tink… that’s not going to work. Can you tell I live up the street from a Karaoke bar?? I haven’t been singing at it but I have heard the Grease Compilation song played TWELVE TIMES IN A ROW (I counted) at TWO AM one “night” :) So after joining RAOK on Saturday; I have gotten whammied with 5 RAOKing RAOKs! WOW!!!! First was Jenanne who posted up that she had extra patterns to anyone wanted them. She had a copy of 2004 Summer Interweave Knit. Since I hadn’t seen Interweave Knits- I asked if she was willing to post to France. Yeah- I gots me an Interweave Knits right here buddy, in the mail! Next right before bedtime was Polly. Hear ye Hear ye; All ye All ye. Get thy derriere straight to All Tangled Up and worship at the feet of Goddess Polly. Honto Pronto Tonto!! Polly not even in RAOK has RAOKed me with in an inch of my sweater. The divine wonderfulness she is has helped me crack the Rosetta Stone (well her and a nice rabbit). And because of that I can kinda proceed with Pretty Wrappy Top. When I woke up Monday morning I had a funny card from KnitSteph- what better “good morning” wake-up call could I ask for. The sun was shining and I was walking through the Parisian streets (sometimes living here can numb you a bit, but not this morning!). It was perfect. Next on the daily tour of my life, at jail erm… I mean the library … working away at getting my motors started… I checked my email and what did I find?? A gift certificate from Lisa Y to Adagio Teas!! So when Fall really does come (and she will shortly) a nice glass of yummy tea with a pastry and a knitting project in my lap at the café- that is soooo going to make my day.
As if that wasn’t enough- when I got home I looked in the post box. Not only were there no bills, but there was an Avis de Postage. My yarn from the SPECIAL STORE is here!!! The Special Store is amazing! They made a change to my order because I was a numbnut, got it out the door in record time. I picked it up on the way home and here it is. I have yarn today fondle people. Norma even made me giggle before I went to bed.
For Fondling Only
I woke up at god o hundred this morning and had my interview for a position with the French Foreign Ministry… and I don’t think I flubbed too bad. There were a few too many "um’s" and "donc’s" for my liking but what the hell do they expect from me that early in the morning :) It isn’t paid, which could pose a problem at some point. But for now… it could be a great experience and looks good on the CV. We’ll see what they think.
Then as I was waning - waking up early is hard yo! Waking up early for a grilling is harder. Going through the grilling in French, it’s exhausting. Tired or not, I went straight to work afterwards. That’s right me = efficiency central. Stop your snickering :) I managed to finish up the revisions and reorganizations I believe. However, at this point the only thing separating me from sleep was the thought of my head making a big thud on my laptop in the silent doctoral library. I checked emails to try and spike me up. What was there, but a beautiful card. Emma how’d you know I love Magnolias?
This photo is for you: It is a magnolia from the Luxembourg Gardens, taken on one of my runs this past spring. A run I was heckled during for wearing a Camelback- make that a run I was heckled at in THREE languages. I startled them when I snapped back in each language. DUDE do NOT heckle the Camelback :) Oh and then stared at for being on the grass- Pelouse Interdit it says…
Pretty Gardens Blooming
And then right before I wrote this post up I saw a link to Yarn Club of the Month - yeah I am sooo in buddies. Well if they ship to France :) I was looking up what other kind of yarn but FUZZY yarn, I thought to myself… Self- that Jaeger Chamonix might be nice to try… And what is the yarn Numero Uno for this month?? Could the flag be any REDDER? At $7 a month and an exit at any time policy (i.e. read if the student loans people come after me) it is a no brainer. Of course as no knitting post is complete here at Fidgety Knitting without photos of Pretty Wrappy Top. And thanks to the good kindness of Ms. Polly and my firm policy of separation between work and home (kind of like the separation between church and state) I am now able to bring you green sleeve Numero Uno! And only Uno as I had new yarn to play with!!!
Green Sleeve Numero Uno
How did I get past the Phildar Block and create green sleeve Numero Uno you might ask? Well I took the information Polly shared with me after deciphering Rosetta Stone and applied it to paper in a visual I could well… visualize. I think once I stare at the Phildar version real hard it might make sense. And then of course I brought out my counter. Cause every time I went hmmm… she was right and there were the number of stitches that I was supposed to have. Polly makes magic y’all!
Yeah I am a Geek; What of it?
So my Monday effin RAOKed!!! How often can you say that?? Today went pretty good too!!! What a way to start the week. I am feeling so lucky and special right now. I am even enjoying sitting here listening to the rain. However, I have already used up my weekly quota of exclamation points in this one post and if I don’t end it now, I am going to start gushing and that just would totally crack that façade I try to maintain… :)


Blogger KnitSteph said...

I'm glad your Monday RAOKED!

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, what a entry! so many great things in the post, knitting and info on yarn of the month (gotta look into that). now that's a good day!

1:29 AM  
Blogger Mitch said...

I thought the sign was funny too (we were in Paris a couple of weeks ago) what with the crowds of students tossing a frizbee around on the very same lawn. :)

1:39 AM  
Blogger FaerieLady said...

These people make our days just great, don't they? *hugs*! - Kae

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What great gifts, knitty people are so cool.
Can you share Becky and Pollys wisdom, as like you I am managing the translation, but the way its written confuses the life out of me!!!

10:27 AM  

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