Friday, October 01, 2004


Ok so first they ran off with my scissors (the ones that weren't WMD possessed by the British Transit Authorities). I could handle that, I use the knife… but this time they went too far. I don’t care how cute Gizmo is; when I find him he is going in the frying pan. Yes my friends sing it with me: Le Freak- très chic! FREAK OUT! Today I was determined to find my French patterns, I mean they had to be here... RIGHT... I have gone over and over and over again through my 200 sq ft/19 sq m flat with an OCD comb. I have walked in circles in the flat talking to myself. I am giving the neighborhood crazy who sings and shouts at people a run for his money. And at the end of all that I still CANNOT find the patterns. But the cauchemar gets worse. First it was just that I couldn’t find the French translations. Well that would just necessitate another yarn purchase (damn myself for doing groceries today!). But no, no, no I cannot find the English version either. My Missy photo copy- gone. My Rowan Summer Tweed Collection- POOF. This is seriously making me crabby. I have a flat that is smaller than most people’s master bathrooms. I don’t mind tiny space. Makes it harder to keep clean but keeps the inner pack rat in check. And it SHOULD make it easier to find lost things. I know that I remember seeing the Summer Tweed on my table a while back. And now the flat is a disaster as after turning it upside down I was not in the mood to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Da Sleeve, Da Sleeve
I also have another confession: I am a political science graduate student/geek... So I stayed up last night- who am I kidding I stayed up till 5 am this morning (9:30AM meeting be damned me and the bags under my eyes and in my hands came along for the ride!). Just so I could watch the debates; the debates mind you that I thought were on at 1 AM (no Tink, try again 3AM). So I watched Little Women as my lead in, then all the CNN Spin, followed by all 90 minutes of those two going at it and the post-commentaries. And what did I do during that time? I left Sleeve Island and I cast on with pointy needles. That pained squeak you heard, twas me! I spent the whole time valium ribbing me 10 cm and did a whole lot of stockinette on the back. Which looks startlingly like a sleeve. I keep saying STRETCH.
One Productive Debate!
I am running out of pieces to do without shaping needed. Though on the positive side should I get all that ribbing out of the way then I won't have to play with sharp pointy needles till much later. At some point I am going to invest in tiny size bamboo needles I think. But at the end of the day Pretty Wrappy Top is not meant to be a tent on me. I must learn how to read French knitting patterns... Until I command that pattern, in my feisty mood I give you this photo though. It sums up my feeling towards learning the pattern reading at this moment. And it shows my "arm warmer."
I Call It The "Gesture"- What *wearing halo* I Am Spanish, We Talk With Our Hands!
Also there has been a bit of a change up on what I am sending my Secret Pal. First come, first serve. I have a copy of Phildar Hommes Automne/Hiver 2004/2005. I am not sure how you all get here or anything about some of you (I don't know how to read the stats besides looking at that simple number over there) but I put out the Knitty Goodness. Since I don't expect to knit for a Homme any time soon; I am putting the pattern book up, should there be any takers. There are 19 patterns in it, patterns are however in French. Currently I obviously cannot provide translation assistance. However once I learn how to read the pattern, and I will OH HOW I WILL! I will be willing to provide some assistance with a pattern of choice. So if you are interested leave me a note in the comments (please list your email or your blog so I can contact you) and we can go from there.


Blogger claudia said...

ARGHHH! Le freak....doin' it night and day.....


Nice sleeve.

2:27 AM  
Blogger alltangledup said...

Tink .. which patterns from which books have you misplaced? I might have them, if I haven't misplaced them. Let me know if you need a bit of help with the translations.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Stinkerbell said...

Claudia- some one after my own heart!

Polly- I dont need to replace the patterns... yet.... I wasnt anticipating making anything from them for a while. But it BUGS me that I know I should have them and CANNOT find them!

However that pattern offer... that I just might take you up on! Once I clean the flat again. GAH :)

12:25 PM  
Blogger KnitSteph said...

Welcome to FiberRAOK!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope you find your patterns. i know how you feel. sometimes it's not so much you need something now, its just the fact that you can't put your hands on it. and man you are cruisin' on that sweater. looks great!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Mrs. R said...

Hi from Eastern Canada. Love your name Stinkerbelle, wish I'd thought of it. Much more character than "Mrs. R." Welcome to the Fiber RAOK ring. You'll have fun here.

1:31 PM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. The tanning bed idea had me ROTFL. I'm trying to imagine the look on the staff's faces as I walk in. Do black people go to tanning beds? :0 I LOVE the sun and would be willing to give it a try if I thought that I wouldn't get strange looks :) Tee hee

7:02 PM  

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