Saturday, October 09, 2004

Fantabulous Life Chez Tink

Once I have a pattern damn do I churn stockinette out like a maniac. I sat down and poof I was done... look at that there are two sleeves. I am currently on the flotilla home from Sleeve Island. Take care Tatoo, I'll see you again soon!!!
I Said Sleeve Me Alone
On to the next challenge. I say bring it on.... *erm* I say oh dear... I spent last night staring at paper hoping it would start talking to me like a howler (that is a Harry Potter reference for ya :) Please Crack the Rosetta Stone I prayed. Crack that sucker into all the right pieces. So I am up to armhole shaping on the back... and while I think I cracked some of it- I am guessing I didn't get all of it. Math never my best academic topic. No matter how I try the maths are not adding up, I am 4 stitches off. Sure I can figure out how to knock those 4 off easy (I should have a role in the Sopranos or something with that line), but I don't want to screw things up. I am retentive like that. But seriously I gots me a debate to stay up and watch. I MUST HAVE THE KNITTING. Since I couldn't figure it out and didn't want to do it wrong... I went back to my drug habit. I have a serious valium ribbing addiction, it's just like huffing paint thinner. I need to get me some serious detox and to a yarn therapist soon. Otherwise I am going to have dreams about the pointy needles running after me again.
Nope it's not a caterpillar; It's the start of Front 1.
Not one to let that get in my way I started a mindless portable knitting project. I have been needing me one of those. This is part of the yarn I got from Special Store. To me it is a novelty yarn, but I guess there were patterns to make tank tops out of it. This is my first experience with a thick and thin yarn. It was enteresting in the beginnning and has gotten better since. I knit this on my one hour each way bus ride to the dentist (Yes he is worth it, no I don't fear him. He is a lovely man, who teaches me dentist French). Even better it helped prevent me from getting nauseaous on the ride. See since I have gotten older riding in buses that I am not driving while doing the herky jerky can make me want to go gerky gerky. I knit it in garter stitch as after playing around a bit with it I think that stitch makes the most of the thick thin texture and shows the colors (which looks pretty true in this image) off pretty.
It's name is Tutti Frutti, Cause I said it is.
Unfortunately right after I took this photo I ripped it. Why would I do an insane thing like that? I was researching and it was rip the yarn or rip my hair. I didn't know if I could pull off the Sinead look, and there is not a buddhist nunnery I am aware of here so I ripped the yarn... Ok so that is just a story but I had to make something more entertaining up as the whole I cast on too many stitches and it is too wide thing makes me look stupid for doing that much of it up. But I love the texture and the colors, even if I would like more of that popping fuschia.
See the Pretty Colors- Dontcha want Bubble Gum now??
And other happenings Chez Tink you ask? Well besides world domination and a better way of life through knitting of course... Today by the kindness invested in me by the Goddess of Parisian apartments, I bring you adventures in languages. Not as exciting as in color but hey what do you think I do create miracles? So... I might not have improved my knitting French today, but I have improved my plumbing French. See that Tinkle Tinkle sound, wasn't me on the potty. It was Chinese Water Torture, otherwise known as water dripping from the ceiling in my shower. See Kerstin you aren't the only one blogging about "bathroom rennovations." I had a very entertaining call about 3 weeks ago with the plumbing people about how I had water dripping from the ceiling. Only in that discussion I could NOT remember the word for ceiling. I could remember all my expletives but not ceiling. And no talking in circles was expressing it to the lady on the phone, (for all eternity forwards I will remember the word Plafond). Thank the goddess she sent someone out anyways. And this fine morning Mr. Plomber-Homme came to my flat to give me a heart attack. He comes in the flat tinkers around and then asks for a knife...hmmmmm. He proceeds to cut off the vent on the ceiling through which said water was dripping and then starts mumbling. Trust me "Ah Putain" said repeatedly is not the best of impressions for your plumber to present. And you really don't want it followed by him going downstairs and returning with a SAW. He proceeded to put down plastic liner and next thing I knew he was hacking away at the drywall in the ceiling. MMMMM the smell of mold and breakfast. Way to start this non-morning persons morning.
Anyone else want to shower in there first?? Wussies!
Hi y'all I have a 2ftx2ft shower and a big gaping hole that looks like a Metro Rat could drop on me. I will spare you the close up cause it is SCARY. Like I don't already have enough DSMIII established mental issues you want to add that to my list of nightmares??? Yes my shower will look like that for at least the next two months... Can anyone say sponge shower? Nope I couldn't either. Damn good thing the pool is just around the corner. Showers for everyone a la piscine!!
Come out, Come out, Where ever you are...
So after all that (and dissertation revisions) you might guess that Fridays have little to no meaning for me... But this week they do. I must send out a big thanks to Annie for my RAOK of the day. She sent me two audible books for download. I love books and recently have not read a single one that wasnt related to female employement, reconciliation policies and changing labor market and family structures. This will be so novel. I used to listen to the Dalai Lama on CD on my way to work (that shows you how great that job situation was- I need the Dalai Lama to make it to work... not a good sign people). And audible ones sound perfect to knit to. I might even join the digital world one of these days and get me an MP3 player too. Even better they should cover up the Tinkle Tinkle Tinkle that now that my shower has no drywall ceiling are more plentiful and louder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TWO MONTHS??? Man, you know where I'd be telling that Parisian plumber to shove it! I've had experience with leaks this week, too. The kids brushed their teeth two nights ago in my bathroom and the water ended up in the kitchen. Oy. Seriously, I would be worried about a rat ending up on my head if I had a hole that big in my shower. (Once upon a time I lived in a tiny studio on Beacon Hill. They tore up the street in front of my apt. one spring and a family of mice came to live with me. Eeek!)

2:54 AM  
Blogger FaerieLady said...

Wow... 2 months? I no think so! That's one big hole! (shudder) Those sleeves went together great! I have faith that you can crack that code...

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those sleeves a great. you really cranked them out. sorry to hear about the shower. hope they can get to it sooner.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

I feel your pain about getting things fixed in France.
Our kitchen shutter broke in the down position (gotta love those large, heavy, metallic, French window blinds!) and left us in the dark for over 4 months before someone finally came and fixed it last week.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a hole in our shower in the ceiling one time. Leaky pipes from above and our landlord cut a HUGE hole to fix the leak. Never did fix the hole and I ended up pinning a large green garbage bag over the hole. I kept envisioning spiders dropping on my head as I showered.

Another thing to worry about on top of the rats! :)


5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I couldn't find your email to let you know, but you can send me your receipes for the Knitting Bloggers Cookbook via the email noted on my blog. Looking forward to hearing from you.

9:17 PM  

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