Monday, October 11, 2004

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My ass drageth, never let it be said I do not put the ass in procrASStinate. I have 3 deadlines this week and they are all pressing. So I guess it is good I work best under pressure… hell who am I kidding I only work under pressure. First and Foremost:
I have to send a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Kae who is covering mon cul in a big tarp kind of way (read me being stupid, her making it better). This goes way above and beyond the call of duty; it is much more than a cookbook; one of my favorite desserts. Probably confirms I am a snob, but I love it. I will try to add something else but not for a week or so.
Tutti Frutti:
After ripping her out, I knit her right back up during the debate last week. I haven’t really done much more since then on this scarf. It is a little over a ball and I am liking it, though it probably is a bit too wide. No way in hell I am ripping it back out though. I think I will use all three balls for it.
Day Dream: Some people might be under the impression that my knitting might be enviable; but my finishing is not, and it is PISSING me off! Where oh where is the Finishing Brigade?? Remedial finishing knitting class, needed right here. Once I get my loans, before I buy yarn, I am buying me the finishing book everyone says is the bible! I sat down with the sleeves to attempt mattress stitch. I had the great Knitty explanation. I was stoked… I could NOT get it to work. It looked horrid and I was having serious issues with the increases on the sleeve. So I gave up and tried the stick the two bits together and "stitch." Stitch is in quotations as I have no clue what kind of stitch. I just took the yarn snaking it back and forth up the sleeve. The first one turned out somewhat acceptable the second one well... I am not happy. You take a look and feel free to tell me if I am being an out of control perfectionist or not.
Better One
Bad Seam
Pretty Wrappy Top: Well in all honesty folks we are about 3 minutes from HALT mode. However on a positive note, I am 95% done with the pointy needle knitting; belt and that is it! And for that my fingers are eternally grateful. I have finished the ribbing for the two front pieces. I have played with the pattern and numbers for the back and for the front repeatedly. It is irritating as all hell as I thought I had cracked some bits of the equation, but I am either 2-4 stitches over or under. Enough to make me batty. Since I already have a permanent residence visa there, it says a lot. So until there is a mathematical miracle or I figure this out… I am knitting Tutti Frutti.
HAHAHA I triumph over pointy needles!
Fidgety Me:
After the scarf… well there is nothing in the line up to knit. I don’t have any yarn (accessible) and I don’t have any project set up. So it is time to let my ADHD self off the leash. I am out to make Tigger look like he has popped a valium while smoking pot. That is right; I bounce like no ones business.
For the observant among you, you have noticed that I have been switching my Lustful Desires photo often recently. I did not name this blog Fidgety Knitting without just reason. There are lots of things I want to make and the most appealing right now are from the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk selection. And since I can’t afford the yarn for a while, I keep changing my mind. I saw this as I was walking the streets Sunday, they wanted 260 euros! I have to say it looks so pretty, but I am NOT paying that price. Instead it makes me want to make Lara.
Don't I look like Lara?

And with that random entry I bid you adieu. I have an application to finish and a chapter to write, plus all sorts of other things I don’t want to do but my ostrich method is not accomplishing. And if I don't get cracking I will hate myself in the morning. I already have enough problems with morning as it is, so I cannot tempt le fate ignorante! *** I love my life, really I do, well some days :)

***that chest belongs to one of my favorite Italian actors, in one of my favorite Italian films. Drool with me for a moment over the divne Stefano Accorsi. Sorry that the film site is in German, but he is great and so is the film.


Blogger Anna said...

Congrats on (almost) getting the job.
Good luck at the breakfast!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the French breakfast.

PS: Just took a look at the Debbie Bliss
Alpaca Silk Collection. Very nice!
Lara is my favorite.

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