Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wow Lots Still To Learn

Welcome to the new digs. I wanted the blog to be more than a template, so I spent all afternoon playing around et Voilà! I am sure I need to tinker more but Voilà! Go ahead, let me know what you think. Following the technology theme (permitting me to ignore the big GAPING HOLE in the Pagan lace section, supporting my denial of needing to rip out AGAIN and start over once more from scratch) I am sorting through my old pictures too. While sorting I found this image of a baby sweater I made 2 years ago. I havent made that many sweaters in general and most of my FO's besides socks or scarves are spread over time. Looking at that picture I realize my evident knitting weakness is finishing. And I have another baby sweater to finish here in front of me... When I knit things I throw caution to the wind and forget about "details." Funny given my control freak tendancies, Huh? I swatch, but keeping that swatch, washing that swatch? Heck no, it's part of the cast on party once I have gauge! Selvedge edges- what are those? Seaming, I seam however I can get the two pieces together. You get the idea. I am getting better, I am also becoming a bit more of a perfectionist about it. But almost 5 years later I am still on a steep learning curve :) Granted it is a baby sweater and we all know how quick little ones out grow anything knit for them in their first year; but after seeing it I realized I need a finishing self-help group. Especially if I want to put the time and money into making projects I want to wear. I miss my LYS, I want to take my knitting classes. Shirley's Finishing and Projects classes should be on my calendar. And if there is anyone who I want to take a Finishing class from (besides Ms. Becky) it is Shirley. Shirley is a knitting Goddess. She knows EVERYTHING; she is no frills, no fuss, no fluff. She does things in a way I understand, and she will tell it to you straight- whether you want to hear it or not. I have never gone wrong on anything Shirley has told me. So as I get ready to put together another baby sweater (Miss Teyha will turn one month old in a week!) to mail off, I have to sit down and seriously look at Miss Becky's links and think about how to make the sweater finish pretty. I know I can knit well, but the finishing... Dontcha know it- the buggers are in the details. And if I am going to spend time making things all pretty it would be a shame to not finish it pretty too. Time to saddle up and figure out how I am going to learn about this.


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What a breath of fresh air! Someone who knows the word is "voila" and French, not "wala" or "wallah" or whatever. That really bugs me when people do that. I heard some ladies discussing the word "faux" once. About half of them thought it was pronounced like "fox". I couldn't think of a way to politely tell them that I was eavesdropping and noticed that they were stupid, so I didn't.

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