Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Things The French Drive Me To...

Hi my name is Tink and I am a procrastinator. I have been looking for Procrastinator Anonymous meetings for 8 years. I just found me a meeting group and I am gonna go to a meeting... tomorrow. (Cause I got something done today! even if it's not a chapter of my thesis)
I LURVE me the Kaki
So today after going out to lunch with two visiting friends. I got hit on in the Metro by the Drageurs and subsequently psychoanalysed by said dredded (pointing out like they were "Martian Antennae to talk with the Mothership" kind of dreds, not the funky Busta Rhymes kind) and shouting drageur (highly entertaining ride of 8 Metro stops I tell you). Only to have the man who seemed nice enough to commisserate with me while the other freak was screaming at me follow me on my Metro ride- with two changes to my stop to ask me to get something to drink with him (yup I renewed my freak magnet JUST IN TIME! And upgraded too!!). So what does this Procrastinating Goddess of the Metro Men's Desire do? I went and stormed my Phildar. I did it, I bought the rest of the yarn for Pretty Wrappy Top. All of that green goodness. Jury might still be out on the yarn but I love the color. Green it does my pasty body good!
We Only LOOK Innocent
Unfortunately my fellow compartriots that brings me to where I am right now... attempting to read a Phildar pattern in French has driven me over the edge. I am stubborn so I have not given up hope but I have gone back to Pointy Needle Land and started the valium ribbing of my other sleeve. My fingers may not forgive me. Particularly because if I have not figured the shoulder shaping out by the time I finish demolishing this ball of yarn (in its transformation to a sleeve of course) I will start on the ribbing for the back. Then if I still can't figure it out... well I will cry and send out the SOS.
Hummm Hummm Hummm
It is kind of frustrating. I can make some sense of simple words, I have some of the lingo. I went to Phildar's website which has info on how to knit. And while it was informative, it was not necessarily the assistance that I was looking for in terms of how to read a pattern. So the following things will be happening Chez Tink this today. One Fall cleaning; I believe in a good seasonal scrub down (cause I am too damn lazy to do it every week) and I will be organizing things as best I can. Hopefully in that organization (and purge- too much stuff here must get rid of what is not needed!) I will be able to hunt down those Rowan patterns in French. Come on it's 200 sq ft/19sq m how far could they have gotten? I am placing my sweater dreams on those patterns helping me make sense of the Phildar ones. Now I know they arent written in the same style, but I'd like to think they use the same language which would at least move me past square one. A little note for Froggy et al. who might be interested in the sweater I modeled during your virtual tour of my Phildar boutique (which I did not knit, it was a store sample that convinced me I want to knit it- made in Pure Laine: Romarin FYI). It is listed as a free pattern download on Phildar's website. However it too is in French...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm there with you on the French patterns. I buy Phildar from Canada and most of the time they come with translations, but I messed up and bought a mag that did not. Thinking I might be able to figure it out piecing the lingo together from another mag, but I'm not sure how brave I am.


12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just keep at the patterns (cause i'll be writing you for help, lol) just kidding, i am trying my hardest to translate the patterns too. i have been trying for a while and am determined to get it. i feel like if i just stick with it it'll eventually click like when i started to get pattern reading in english at first. good luck and i'm sure you'll have it soon. phildar should hire you to model for them. i have to knit that sweater now. you have people on hand to help you with the french but i have to recommend the following book in case you knit from other languages too. it's Knitting Languages(knitting terms translated from..Danish,French,British,Icelandic,Italian,Japanese,Norwegian,Spanish, and Swedish) it's pretty helpful.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Stinkerbell said...

well thank you Froggy- one more book to add to the Amazon list :)

I am thinking somewhere there has to be a simple translation "dictionary" online. I mean can figure out what augmenter means; it is this endroit du travail stuff that makes me work towards that perfect french look of "Quoi?"

9:40 PM  
Blogger alltangledup said...

Not all acrylic is bad, it's a pity that Phildar pollutes so much of their yarns with it though. However, one of the good points is, it does make a project much more affordable.

This deisgn is lovely and really suits you so I can't wait to see it when it's done.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Stinkerbell said...

Polly I think I have to agree about the acrylic and the Phildar pollution.

I am ok with the acrylic on things like novelty scarves and since I cant afford big batches of Rowan yarns like I want, this will be a way to see if I can handle it for a full sweater.

That is if I get past the valium ribbing and learn how to read a French pattern.

If not for 10 euros more in yarn cost I am gonna make me Fern from the latest Rowan!

9:15 PM  
Blogger tweezer said...

i am jealous of your phildar store. keep plugging away at that french lingo and soon you'll be able to whip up all the french patterns in no time. that sweater looked great on you, too.

12:00 AM  

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