Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lust and Fear

I spend my life making sure each day is filled with as many of the seven deadly sins as I can. Today is no exception. I have yet to knit with Noro but I am in deep lustful desire. I have an unabiding adoration for self striping yarns. And in my "I dont feel like getting up off my arse" type of mood for today (that would be Sloth my friends and no my tummy is still not overly thrilled with me) I caroused the Knit-blogdom. In my recent trip I saw the most DIVINE of Silk Garden colorways (#84!!!), and I WANT it. I cant afford (even at the low prices which can be found here... tip thanks to a friendly "enabler" :) to make Klaralund. Klaralund looks rather appealing, though I must say I am not sure I like the garter stich or the little V at the back... but the over all style is something I would wear! Or at the least would want to make. Seeing that yarn and its pretty stripes made me want it more and more. I have these ideas of getting my hands on some of the yarn, I dont know how (I dont think they ship to France...) but I dream of it. I want to make accessories with it. I want to try something new I think. Maybe something of a challenge- like making a pretty pair of gloves. I dont know the texture of the Noro yarn, I am just absorbed by that #84 colorway and stripes... but I would think it would make a good pair of gloves. So when we get past my unabashed and unabated lust...what have I knit with? Well I have been knitting with Calmer. Process has involved me talking the pattern out loud as I knit it, muttering about how the hell am I supposed to read that part of that row, and I included me starting and ripping out and starting over again the first 4 rows with gusto. Not to mention kipping back through the lace bit of row 7- ce n'est pas sympa! Doing it TWICE is even more aggitating. Lesson: Oh do not scoff at the pattern, show it its proper due respect or it will bite thee in the derriere! I am seriously rethinking Birch. I want to, I dont mind a challenge, but the thought of kipping back with kidsilk haze is a bit ummm... Daunting, you could say. Regardless Calmer is delicious to knit with, though it can get a bit splitty after ripping and reknitting. I love its springy nature, and I will probably make something else from the collection (Hearten or if I am crazy again- Soul). But my current issue is I dont like how the Pass the Slipped Stich overs are looking; I know I am a particular perfectionist. And because the model is sitting in the pattern picture I cant tell if the lace bit is messed up or if I did it right. I was left to make an executive decision; therfore I am doing it right :) But honestly I think I have a ways to go before I have worked up enough bravery for Birch in my lace capabilities. I spent a fair amount of time remembering how to do my yarn forward and yarn round the needle and get it so that I wasnt having to flip the stich on the "other" side. Somedays I think I need a helmet to ride the short bus! But I am knitting, and dreaming and knitting :)


Blogger Carrieoke said...

I know what you mean about Klaralund. It's really pretty, but I'm not sure about the V neck either. But to knit a whole sweater in Silk Garden...yummy. And #84 is sooo pretty. Now you're becoming an enabler...or a pusher-woman.... :)

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