Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It's The Little Things

I got a link today. Whee, that made my day. I don’t know who all is making it to the blog and how, but I got me some stats and I am LOVING the comments. Not only did Amelia leave a nice comment, but... Let's just pause for a minute. Not only did I get a comment from one of my favorite blogs Kerstin, but it came in the form of a compliment of the highest rank. It makes me smile un grand sourire! And I need to smile when I have another chapter of my dissertation staring me down to complete people! Funny thing is that I got that link because someone thinks I can speak French. All thanks to the word Voilá. BWAHAHAHA…. Mutter to myself sure, swear like a sailor- no problem, plain old talk in French- ikke so migge (that is Norwegian for not so much). Ok, ok before any of my friends jump mon derriere like Zorro, I know I do kinda speak the French. I did take all my graduate coursework in it (much easier to understand). Dump a few kirs and some calvados in me and I speak “beautifully,” but in general I am by no means fluent. Case and point would be reading my French pattern for Pretty Wrappy Top. It took me and my dictionary about 30 minutes to make sure I started off on the right stitch. Reading the pattern in French is one thing, reading the pattern the way they wrote it is another. They give a guide for the abbreviations, and I manage to fuddle my way through most of abbreviations thanks to my dictionary- I couldn't find the Rowan patterns. But really I want to know: what the hell is this endroit du travail par 2 maille stuff? Something about the right side and 2 stitches?? Huh? QUOI??? See no speakie the knitting French. Then they have all these little code things. Not intuitive to me, come on people this is a sleeve- and it is not an aran. Took me 5 minutes to figure out what that X, Triangle, and Square were all about. Yes some days I need a helmet to ride the short bus. Cecilia and her public have demanded a close up- the color is somewhere in between the two and the ribbing is deceptive. It really is 2x2 I promise. She just wants to look skinny. But if I am one thing it is stubborn, or persistent depending on which adjective you prefer. I was not going to put a challenge down, I was in Vampire-mode (that is what happens when you wake up at 10:30am- note to self go to bed earlier!). So I bring you 15cm of vanilla 2x2 ribbing in Kaki Cecilia I knit last night before bed. Isn’t exciting?? Just you wait and see below the destruction a woman with toothpicks for needles and a ball of yarn can do . The yarn can be a bit splitty. When I am paying attention to Chris Tucker in translation I don’t always notice that I caught one bit of the yarn here or there. Additionally for what ever reason my knitting wasn’t as even as it normally is. But it doesn’t look too bad or anything, so no way in hell am I ripping back. What do I think so far? I think I model a wristlet very well, don't you? Oh the yarn you mean? Well… my fingers are dryer than they normally get when I knit with wool, which is a bit odd to me. I am trying not to be judgemental about acrylic but I am thinking there is a reason I prefer natural fibers and it ain't just my organic, hippie, peace and love roots. The poor finger tips are all poked, but I did get to put those devilish 2.5mm needles away here. I even tried the knit, read and take notes game-I think I might try and find one of those book weight opener thingys...). Then THIS happened. I give you a great big WHAT THE HELL? How did I do that? How did I knit across and all of a sudden not have the knitting be even, but instead FOUR rows off. All I was doing was reading a blog and knitting.... honest judge. I dont have a clue. Well usually don't but we arent going to go there. So I ripped back and reknit. And wouldnt you know it through death and destruction of the horned ball of Cecilia- I bring you to Becky's sleeve island (anyone else expect Tatoo to come out and yell De Plane De Plane? Ok just me...). I am ok with the pattern for now, but tomorrow it is shoulder shaping. Shoulder shaping, I think that might be another issue. I have knit enough to make a decision and I decided that all is a go. The yarn isn't expensive if I turn out to be allergic to the end product I can gift it to someone and I'll know what I am doing when I make the next one for myself. Tomorrow I am going to go to the Phildar and get the rest of the yarn for the project. I don’t have hives, the fabric feels ok and I love the pattern. Umm let me rephrase that I love the design, the pattern I am adjusting too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too find "knitting french" a problem and think I am going to re-learn to knit in french and not try to translate patterns as it drives me nuts!!!!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. But you haven't actually MET Claudia. ;) I see that she has subscribed to you on Bloglines. It's your lucky day. :)


2:10 PM  
Blogger Stinkerbell said...

What? I am subscribed to on Bloglines? I can see those things... holy pop rocks Batman! I needed that in the midst of my other crappy day. Kerstin you are a lifesver (a cherry one cause that is my favorite flavor :)

4:12 PM  

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