Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Grump, Grump, Grump

Here I come to the computer lab (the cable people will FINALLY be coming to the flat tomorrow to fix my internet, internet at home it will be the down fall of me and my "productive researching" and my joy) all ready to invest time and try and make this knitting blog into a "real blog" and.... I can not figure out the template. I am a computer dummy people. I study POLITICAL science not COMPUTER science. *sits in corner with the dunce cone of yarn on head* I think I really need to figure out this whole web thing cause I have a server, I have space and I have Moveable Type installed. I could make this something!! But because the template had all this weird code in it (weird to me is anything beyond plain vanilla HTML), I got all dizzy from staring at the monitor. I couldnt figure out how to get my Blog Roll up or my Projects portion listed or the SS3 button or even my Wish List (so I am just gonna put it into the entry here for now, if that link doesnt work let me know). HRMPF. So what is a knitting girl to do? She is to make lemonade. She does not go down that easy, going to take more than an iceberg to sink her (*cue the unsinkable Molly Brown song in her head*). Therefore first she is to ignore her deadline for tomorrow (she has the benefit of timezone differences and is 90 percent done anyways) and she is to surf knitting blogs. She did so only to find out that the knitting bloggers ring that she was going to submit to is closed. She needs to stop talking about herself in the third person. Like NOW. UGH. So what next you ask?? I got to find me some pick me up material you know. Well first I go to Knitty. And I find this great pattern. I mean it is made by someone like me petite and tiny! Heck she is from my town and she knows my favorite LYS staffer!! It might just look good on me too. But I am not sure what should be the next project.... I want something for Fall, as it is starting to rear it's chilly little head here. I might just need to place an order like it or not for that Jacke en Apricot... but probably in black- and with out the buttons. Next up then must be a trip to the Rowan yarns web page (too late to make a trip to the Bon Marché for some fingering) and think HARD about Birch. I am this close to becoming a Rowanette, I already am thinking that the next trip to London needs to be timed with a trip to Liberty. But really right now I need a lace pusher or something... First for Birch though I need to think about should I make it a triangle or a rectangle (go here to July 10 to see what I mean) ? Should I make it in color (green maybe or a burgundy or even flaming pink or orange?), or something neutral that I would use lots(ie black or chocolate brown)? Wait will I use Birch lots... I do have that dont make it if you wont use it rule. Should it be the next project or should I think about something else? So many decisions, so indecisive I am... Too much deep thought for me, I need to go and sit myself in the little parc named after Jean Paul Sartre and start pondering the depth of my next knitting project. Tomorrow I shall return to roses and sunshine, I shall also hopefully have internet at the flat :)


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