Friday, September 10, 2004

Green Eyed Monster

I feel so greedy. I am not posting about my knitting, I am posting all about what I want. I am sorry Secret Pal I am not greedy, really. I do knit too, I promise. Unfortunately the start of this seperate blog, and SS3 coincided directly with a conference and dissertation deadline. Not much time for much else and well wouldnt want to bore you with all that. So suffice to say I am in deep writing mode on my dissertation and not really knitting. I am not paying attention either. I will have to figure out how to get into the SS3 ring and put the button on my site too, make the blog look pretty like that. I am a bit behind the trends, behind in Rowan patterns to catch up on that everyone has done, behind in my deadline, and behind on sleep! I am knitting a small bit though so there is knitting related content to report. I have this gorgeous but sock that I manage to get one pathetic round done a night once I stop the research and the writing, before I crash. That is all for now, I am kintting a plain old normal sock. No fancy pattern, nothing big, just a sock. In hand painted yarn, which does not remotely match its other sock, and I did get teh yarn at the same time. Even better, I do have a project in the hanger. A very nice blogger over at Knitter Natter, offered to ask her friend about getting some info on Birch modifications for me. So I think I am going to do it, I am going to leap and hope that lace doesnt destroy me. I am going to wait a little bit longer, probably 3 weeks before starting it. But I am thinking about it. I should look at colors... Oh and more knitting related content (gosh I feel better about this already...) I dont feel overly consumed by greed, but wait kinda do cause I want it too- but you dont have to get it promise :) I just saw the new Rebecca and I loved a few of the patterns in there. Must put Rebecca 27 and 28 on the list of get it sent over, cause I need English translations! I do Norwegian patterns, I do French ones, I do Italian, and I have even done one in Spanish, but I cant do German ones. Oh well, I have gotten an Amazon list going, I will email it to you cause I cant figure out how to link to it right now, I am tired and out of brain power. It is DVDs, knitting books and books. I probably wont add to it cause I already feel like the green eyed monster... Of to haunt children in their dreams :)


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