Friday, September 17, 2004


Why make a decision for yourself when the rest of the internet knitting community can do it for you? I love it when other people decide for me. Fate has intervened and made a decision for me. As I sat in front of the computer and hit send on the draft of my dissertation today (of which topic-wise I adore, writing-wise I am not all together thrilled...) I figured I earned a day or two "off" from the Burden (as I now refer to it). And I was thinking about what to knit next... being on a yarn diet without a stash at easy access meant that I was at a bit of a loss. I knew I could go collect more patterns but really I wanted something on the needles, and I wanted it soon. I dont have enough of any one yarn to really do much of anything (I have a random assortment of odd balls here and there but nothing serious) so I really had to think and I was going to try and recycle too (being po' and all). After deep reflection at my 7 balls of yarn stash (no two the same practically), I determined that the only yarn I could do something with right now was the Calmer from Soul (which is on hold as a project). Recycle the yarn and get the extra two balls to make Pagan was what I came up with. I couldnt think of anything to make out of three balls of Calmer and that was my best option. Even though it is winter coming upon us, there is a chance that I could wear it during the Fall if I get to it quick enough! So I took what I had knit up of Soul (that was cut off from the ball- dont ask), rrrrrrrrripped away and I used that to swatch while watching my favorite French cult comedy movie (Tatie Danielle- you can get it in the states to watch and it is hysterical!) Nice start to an evening if I do say so myself (well one in which I am not going out). And then as I was sitting there casting on looking at the internet (never enough stimuli in the room :) I saw a notice for this at at the frogpond. And I knew it was the knitting Goddesses way of telling me that I have to make Birch. I have been interested in her since January when I first saw it and after this intervention, I am putting it on the calendar. I am going to be part of my first Knit-a-long! I have felt the pressure and yes I am caving. I am going to hold off on the decisions (color and shaping) for a while. I give myself till mid October before I make move on Birch though. Hopefully the lace edging on Pagan will give me some hope and bravery to give Birch a go. And in another small sidenote, after all that time with the internet trying to figure out website things... I think I might have done it. I still have bunches more to figure out but step one was figured and done... WOOO HOOO.


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