Thursday, August 26, 2004

Meeting A Blogger

So I got up off my lazy derriere today and I went to meet a blogger. A KNITTING blogger. I met the infamous Kate for pizza and knitting in Paris; and yes all she was wearing a sweater she made herself. While she worked on a pattern and laughed at me cutting away the crusts of my Pizza I ate and showed her Soul. I am thinking that this pattern may go on either infinite hold or frogpond status. It takes too much attention and I dont need something that I have to stare at a chart every 2 stitches, a chart I dont alwys think I understand. It is just sooo not intuitive to me! I also cant see the chevrons starting, though Kate dear soul she is said she could. She listened about my research and did a good job of seeming interested! She dealt with space cadet me and rewound a center pull ball again for me. She showed me her GORGEOUS Baltic Stole and told me stuff about other shawls. I am not a shawl person but I like the idea of a gauzy stole that is pretty like hers. We'll see if I can get brave enough to 1. Face kidsilk haze and 2. Face lace, cause it honestly still kinda scares me. I promise to set things up better with the blog roll, template, comments etc here soon, unfortunately the siren call is pulling me back to silly things like statistical analysis of data for my dissertation.... dont they know I just want to blog or knit??


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